Going M’sia? Beware: Creepy Clowns Have Emerged There


If you’re still in the dark about the creepy clown sightings all over the world, then the more you’ve got to know about this.

Ever since August 2016, people have been dressing up as clowns and scaring others, primarily as a prank. However, things slowly got out of control as some clowns began to commit criminal acts like robbery, and victims started to fight back violently, leading to injury.

This phenomenon isn’t exactly new: in the 1980s, people have been dressing up as clowns to scare others, but the trend usually died fast. However, with people so socially connected nowadays, the sightings this year has been more serious as it spread faster, and longer, than usual.

And while you think clowns are supposed to be, you know, funny, here’s the fact: in a 2008 study, there were actually just few children who like clowns. In other words, despite its purpose (you know, to entertain others), clowns are seen to many as scary instead. Just think of any movies and you’ll realize clowns aren’t exactly the friendliest people around.

The clowns prey on this fear. It’s unknown why they do it: whether it’s for fun or they’re obsessed with seeing people scared of them (you know, inferiority complex), but it’s no funny matter: so far, the creepy clown sightings have been documented in almost all states in the US, and many other countries.

Just when you think that Singapore is safe, think again.

There have been sightings in our neighbour, in KL.

According to The Coverage, there has been two creepy clown sightings documented in KL.

Image: thecoverage.my
Image: thecoverage.my
Image: thecoverage.my
Image: thecoverage.my

While the clowns might be harmless, here’s the thing: with Singapore and Malaysia culture so similar, it could mean that one day, someone who lives in an HDB will just decide to buy a clown costume and terrorize us in our void decks.

I don’t know about you, but if you intend to wear something unique this Halloween, I will suggest you to avoid a clown costume.

Featured Image: thecoverage.my

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