M’sia McDonald’s Offering Apple Pies or Sundae to Replace Fries Due to Potato Shortage

Lest you’re not aware, there’s a worldwide potato crunch. 

The potato shortage began in January this year due to supply chain problems like the pandemic and bad crop harvests, worsening near the end of February.

It seems like the problems are getting more severe again. 

So what does this mean for McDonald’s trademark tall, blonde and skinny fries?

Potato Problems

Previously, other fast food outlets mentioned difficulties in procuring the elusive spud. 

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In mid-February, KFC barred upgrades to french fries and cheese fries for its sides. 

Burger King mentioned that there may be future disruptions to its supply chain, and that the fast food restaurant was working on finding alternatives to their thick cut fries.

Earlier, McDonald’s seemed unperturbed in the tangle for the tater. 

However, it seems like the supply chain problems have gotten worse now.

McDonald’s Malaysia recently announced that starting from 31 March, it will offer its soft-serve sundaes or apple pies to replace its fries as the sides in the Medium McValue meal.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s)

Should customers not fancy the sweet treats, they can purchase a meal with just the drink at a lower price, starting from RM 7.50.

While stocks last, however, fries will still be an option available to the customers.

This option of substitutes will ensure that customers still get a filling and delicious meal, even without the golden fries. 

Fingers crossed that we will still get our fries in Singapore—though a hot fudge sundae really doesn’t sound too bad in this terribly humid weather.

Or could this just be an April Fool’s joke that isn’t funny?

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