M’sian Allegedly Died from Overwork After Working in 2 Jobs


There’s a saying that goes by, “Do everything in moderation“.

And I find it to be especially true, even for the ones society deems to be positive, like working out, studying and dieting. They, like the bad aspects, could be detrimental to your health if pushed too far.

If you’re doubtful and insist on doing things your own way, you might want to check this case out.

This incident, sadly, exemplifies how true the statement, “nothing’s more important than your life” really is.

Alleged overwork

On 4 November, a man was found dead in a food court in Johor Bahru.

M'sian Man Allegedly Dies From Overwork After Working for 13 Hours Daily - WORLD OF BUZZ
Image: China Press

Suspected cause of death?


What exactly happened?

According to Sinchew, the deceased, 47-year-old Yang Jiansheng was speculated to have died from overwork as he was working more than 13 hours a day.

He had been working two jobs simultaneously for more than two months: first as a kitchen helper in a canteen from 7:00 p.m. to midnight. After that, he will return home and rest for two hours, before making his way to a restaurant where he would toil until 10:00 a.m. the next morning. Nine hours later, the entire cycle rinses and repeat.

According to his mother, Yang had initially only been working at the restaurant, but found another job at the canteen when the restaurant had to close for renovations for two months.

However, when the restaurant reopened, the previous restaurant owner had requested for him to return. Yang had agreed, and started juggling two jobs.

His mother added that because of his workload, he had not been meeting with her much, and tended to complain that he was tired when they talked on the phone.

Worried, she had encouraged him to stick with one job, and Yang had decided to quit his restaurant job after using up all his leaves.

It was too late, however

On 4 November, Yang had met up with his friends at a food court. After some time, he made his way to the washroom, but didn’t return even after a suspiciously long while.

His friends checked on him and to their horror, discovered him lying unconscious on the floor. They called an ambulance straightaway, but it was too late: he was declared dead on the spot.

No foul play

Yang had always been healthy, and did not suffer from any critical illnesses, according to his mum. The Police have also dismissed possibilities of foul play, and have declared it as sudden death.


It’s not the first death caused by overworking

Just recently, an Uber driver had allegedly overworked himself by juggling two jobs, and subsequently passed away after suffering a sudden cardiac arrest.

In Japan, a 31-year-old lady had passed away after clocking 159 hours of OT.

Always do everything in moderation

If you’re always working long hours and find yourself constantly tired and weary, you might want to pause and take a breather.

It’s not only for work either; it could apply to pretty much anything.

Think about it.


Are your gained assets really more important than your own life?

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