M’sian Man Forgot to Switch Off Data Roaming, Went Home From Dubai to RM42,522 Phone Bill


A Malaysian man, Muhammad Hazwan Hafifi was charged RM 42,522.80(SGD $13,579) for data roaming charges, leaving him in disbelief.

Hazwan went to Dubai for 3 days and he forgot to switch off his data roaming while in Dubai, resulting in the astronomical amount of data roaming charges.

Credit Limit Set to RM300

He was really confused at this amount as he has set his credit limit to RM300. Despite exceeding his data limit, the Telecomm services did not send him any messages or notifications about him exceeding his data limit.

The data roaming charges simply continued to accumulate when he had already exceeded his limit.

When he contacted the telco, they told him that he had to pay for the charges as the charges did not arise due to problems from the telco. He would have to pay the bill or legal actions will be taken against him. 

So Remember to Turn off Your Data Roaming

This probably serves as a good warning to people who always forget to turn off their mobile data when they travel. What a bad way to end an amazing holiday, don’t you think?

Plus with free WiFi in the airport as well as rental of portable of WiFi, there is no reason for you to use your own mobile data. Simply turn off your data roaming before you board the plane.

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