M’sian Woman Jailed For Causing Fake Accidents in S’pore


Yesterday Channel NewsAsia reported on a Malaysia woman being sentenced to 14 months jail-time for fraudulent insurance claims by staging traffic accidents in Singapore.

Now, while we know traffic accident frauds are common, it’s not common to actually read about it.

Okay, let’s get into the details.

The 28-year old Malaysia woman, Rekha Tandaeduban, was charged with two counts of conspiring to cheat NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative and AXA Insurance Singapore.

She submitted a total of about $37,000 in insurance claims for the staged incidents.


To add on further, there are seven other charges taken into consideration during the sentencing.

Investigations by the Commercial Affairs Department revealed that Rekha was hired by a syndicate to stage road accidents in Singapore.

Wait, so it’s not an individual. It’s a syndicate.

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The syndicate would recruit Malaysians and provide cars, and they would also pay individuals to be “phantom drivers” or “phantom passengers”.

The payment is from the insurance pay-outs in the form of commission.

According to Channel NewsAsia, Rekha staged 2 accidents in 2012 on separate days.


Aug 31 2012

Rekha entered Singapore with two Malaysian Henchmen, 30-year old Navaneethan Tiban Sanggu (Navin) and 41-year old Tang Jui Peng.

They met up with two other Malaysians who posed as “phantom passengers”.

Just like any well-thought-out crime, they had a briefing by Tang.

The plan was set in motion when Rekha drove along Eunos Link at around 2:45 pm, with the two “phantom passenger” in the backseat and Navin in the front passenger seat (looks more legit, eh?).

She did a sudden brake, as instructed by Navin, causing a lorry to crash into the rear of the car.

Heck, it’s a lorry. The driver could have been seriously injured due to the lack of bonnet!

Following Navin’s instructions, she made a false police report and then submitted fraudulent claims for damages and legal costs to NTUC Income Insurance—a total of $14,246.

Just so you know, whenever an accident like this happens, the vesicle behind would be liable for the damage no matter what the vehicle in front done.

But the insurer found the claims to be dubious and did not make any payment.

29 November 2012

3 months later, the scammer struck again.


It looked like she was working alone this time.

She did the exact same thing at Hougang Avenue 3—but using a different car—causing the car behind to collide into hers.

She went to see a doctor and was given two days MC.

On 10 January 2013, she submitted claims amounting to $22,755 to AXA—for false personal injury sustained during the staged accident.

She did get a payout this time—$4,200.


As mentioned above, she was sentenced to 14 months in jail on 10 Oct after her deeds were uncovered.


She told the court that she did not receive any payment and only had her car returned, and she also said that Navin forced her to commit the crimes.

I mean……

Can someone really force you to do something so elaborate?

For Navin, he is facing charges as well, for his alleged involvement in the crime, while Tang and Sua, a 26-year old man who recruited Navin, is still at large

Here’s one key takeaway: to prevent this from happening to you, always keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. And always stay alert!


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