NTUC FairPrice Responds to Flyers Being Given Out That Promise Free Vouchers

First OCBC, then DBS, then… FairPrice?

FairPrice has confirmed that the flyers that promise free vouchers are not created nor endorsed by them.

Scan The QR Code… To Give Your Information To Scammers

FairPrice took to Facebook to announce that the Chinese New Year pamphlets promising FairPrice vouchers upon completion of an online survey are not created nor endorsed by them.

The flyer tells people to scan the QR code to complete a financial survey. There is supposedly a reward of FairPrice vouchers worth $20, though it is unclear whether the vouchers are actually being given out.

FairPrice is currently not running any promotions that require users to complete a survey to obtain vouchers.

Technically Not A Scam, Just Using Vouchers As Bait?

Some Facebook commentors spotted that the flyers never said that it was created nor endorsed by FairPrice. It simply used the FairPrice vouchers as bait to collect your financial information.

Other commentors also speculated that people selling financial products used to simply approach you in real life, so maybe they’ve switched tactics due to COVID-19?

Nevertheless, we can’t rule out the possibility that this is just a scam and no vouchers will be given. With the recent OCBC phishing scams, can you blame Singaporeans for being cautious?

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Organisations on Alert Following Series of High Profile Scams

Everyone has heard about the OCBC phishing scam, but if you didn’t, here’s a short video that sums the saga up for you:

Basically, almost 470 OCBC customers have lost at least $8.5 million in total since December 2021 in an SMS phishing scam.

Recently, DBS has also warned their customers about a similar phishing scam that says your account is suspended.

With scammers getting more sophisticated, it’s best not to scan any random QR codes for the time being.

Not The First Time FairPrice Targeted By Scammers

In 2018, FairPrice clarified that a message saying it was giving out gift cards worth $400 for its 45th anniversary was a scam.

There was also a phishing scam that claimed to offer people who filled in an online survey $500 in FairPrice vouchers, back in 2016.

If you’re unsure whether the FairPrice flyer is legit or not, you can fill in their webform, email them at general.feedback (at) fairprice.com.sg, or call their hotline at 6380 5858.

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Featured Image: Facebook (NTUC FairPrice)