At Least 12 People Got Stuck Inside Coney Island (Again) After Gate Closes at 7pm


You’re having a wonderful time touring Coney Island, only to realise that you’ve been locked in.

A group of visitors were trapped on the island after the gate locked at 7pm. Again.

Unaware of Closing Hours?

Coney Island is open from 7am to 7pm, and the gates will be locked on time. This is because the park is not artificially lighted, making it unsafe for visitors to roam about after 7pm since they might get lost.

The lack of artificial lights is to allow the nocturnal wildlife to have a natural environment to grow in. The park has lots of rich biodiversity, and some of the wildlife there are critically endangered as well.

Unfortunately, at least 12 people were not aware of the closing hours. A video shows them pacing around behind the green gate of Coney Island’s entrance.

It then zooms in on a sign on the gate that states the park’s opening and closing hours.

Yeah, I think those 12 visitors won’t forget the Island’s operating hours anytime soon.

The National Parks Board was aware of this, and park security arrived promptly to open the gates for the visitors to exit.

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Wait, Again? 

Yes, there is indeed an “again” placed in brackets in our headline. This isn’t the first time someone got stuck in Coney Island after hours!

Back in August 2021, a couple who got trapped on the island after hours called the police to rescue them. They had allegedly taken a wrong turn in the park and got lost when the sun set.


Information on opening hours is everywhere in the park, from the park’s entry gates to the signs at shelters and rest stops. Maybe these people were too engrossed in the flora and fauna?

Park Lovers, Take Note!

It isn’t just Coney Island that closes at 7pm. Nature reserves like the Central Catchment, Bukit Timah Nature Reserves and Sungei Buloh are closed at night. Most nature parks, like the Dairy Farm, Kranji Marshes, Chestnut Hindhede and Windsor are also closed then.

All park visitors should adhere to the opening hours of its parks and the advisories on-site, lest they run into trouble with rugged terrains or our animal friends!

You can check out more information on park etiquette at Coney Island Park on their website.

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Featured Image: Facebook (John Han)