Influencer Naomi Neo Slammed for Using TikTok Filter to Scare Her Child

Have you ever been accidentally locked into a room?

That in itself could already be traumatising for some people, but for influencer Naomi Neo, she took it a step further by adding a scary ghost TikTok filter… during the seventh month.

Ghost Prank on 4YO Son

As an influencer, Naomi certainly has to keep up with trends. And a viral trend on TikTok right now just so happens to be pranking children.

In videos, parents would start the video by pretending to be recording a dance video with their children. However, they quickly turn around and exit the room, locking the child in.

Image: TikTok

Spooky music usually plays in the background, while a scary filter pops up on the screen. The child, who was looking at the screen, would get shocked and usually starts crying.

That’s basically what Naomi did to her four-year-old son Kyzo, whose expression went from curious to horrified in seconds. Crying out in fear, Kyzo even ran to the door and tried to escape unsuccessfully.

Image: TikTok

You can watch the TikTok video here.

Not Funny, But Traumatising

The video has been viewed 22 million times, and most comments are of horror.

Most netizens agree that this isn’t a funny prank, but one that can be traumatising to the child. Some people also shared their personal experiences of being locked in a room as a child, and being traumatised by it way into adulthood.

Image: TikTok

Expert: Parents Should Avoid Scaring Children Like This

A psychiatrist at Gleneagles Specialist Medical Centre, Lin Wenlong (transliterated from Chinese), told 8world that this kind of prank would likely cause short-term effects, like nightmares or fear of similar situations.

For a small number of children, such pranks may result in long-term psychological trauma.

Dr Lin said that parents should avoid playing pranks that make their children feel helpless, or abandoned. For young children, “the more secure they feel as a child, the more courageous they will be when they grow up”.

He also emphasized that this is not the same as being overprotective and not allowing kids to explore their surroundings. Instead, parents should guide and reassure their children while exploring, which will help them cope with their fears.

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Naomi: Apologised with Tears

In the caption of the TikTok, Naomi said that she apologised to Kyzo “with tears already”.

She has not responded to the public’s criticisms about the prank, but has recently uploaded another TikTok featuring a very cute and happy Kyzo pretending to cook and clean.

This is actually not the first time Naomi has played a tears-inducing prank on Kyzo. Back in March 2022, Kyzo burst into tears after thinking that Naomi wasn’t there to pick him up from school, when in reality she was merely hiding from him.

Hopefully, Kyzo won’t be the victim of any more scary pranks in the future.

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Featured Image: TikTok (Naomi Neo)