Nasi Lemak Burger is so Yesterday: Ms Universe Malaysia Wears a Nasi Lemak Dress

Move your ass, Nasi Lemak burger. You’re no longer the trendiest Nasi Lemak modification in existence.

Why do I say so? Well, our neighbour Malaysia have introduced something even greater.

Something even more magnificent. Something even tastier (?)

The Nasi Lemak dress.

Image: Ain Zahari Twitter
Image: Imgflip

No dirty thoughts intended.

Miss Universe Malaysia

According to Channel News Asia, Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James will be donning on a Nasi Lemak dress for the national costume category, at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in December.

Image: Ain Zahari Twitter

The outfit was conceptualised by local designer Brian Khoo, and was released at a launch on Tuesday (31 Oct). The model, who’s of Chinese-Brazilian descent, will parade the unique dress at the global pageant in Las Vegas.

Hand-embroidered rhinestones

According to a report by The Malay Mail, the outfit sports hand-embroidered rhinestones to symbolise rice grains, red rhinestones to represent the spicy sambal and a pair of questionable-looking wings that denote banana leaves used to wrap nasi lemak.

Image: Ain Zahari Twitter

There are also accessories representing peanuts, cucumbers, a fried egg and erm… a pair of avocados?

How did the funky design come about?

Khoo told Astro Radio News that it was a “fun and challenging” process, to locate the varying materials that could portray the dish.

“Especially the sambal, the cucumber, the ikan bilis – we took a long time to find all these bits to represent them. It’s all done by hand … and it’s something that (reflects) Samantha’s great, strong character and bubbly personality,” he added.

And apparently, Samantha is a huge fan of the delicacy too.

“It represents me and my country,” said the 22-year-old.

Nasi Lemak… Nasi Lemak everywhere

First we had the Nasi Lemak burger.

Now we have the Nasi Lemak dress.

What’s next? A Nasi Lemak bag? A Nasi Lemak game? (Do they have that one already?) Nasi Lemak lingerie/briefs?

Well, guess the world’s gonna be filled with Nasi Lemak in the future.

But there’s one thing we can’t deny though.

This dress is even spicier than its predecessors.

Whew, anyone needs some ice cubes to cool down?

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