Nasi Lemak Getting Popular in Korea ‘Coz of a Young Man


To all my fellow friends living away from home, I’m sure all of us have felt homesick at a certain point…

It’s so hard to not think of the chicken rice, wanton mee and roti prata….hmm yum.

They were once readily available to us, but we took them for granted. (oh well at least I admit I did)

Well, the story is, somewhere in the land of kimchi, we’ve got a young man who made the dreams of those living in South Korea come true.

A hero from Penampang, Duzy Noramzamnas Abdul Aziz, realized that many Malaysians found it hard to find halal food in Korea.

So he came up with the brilliant idea to earn money through selling nasi lemak and also to cure the homesickness of his fellow friends.


He said that he was “inspired by the idea that most Malaysians eat nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper”. (say whaaaaattt)

Seeing as to how delivery services are a big thing in South Korea, he sold his nasi lemak online as well, and all people had to do is to order via Whatsapp or KakaoTalk.

I would say he’s made for business.

He will then deliver the Nasi Lemak packed in microwavable lunch boxes and send them to their address.

After 2 months into the business, Duzy then set up his Nasi Lemak Berlauk Panas stall on the rooftop of Pop @ Itaewon Guesthouse in Itaewon.


The guesthouse is owned by his business partner, Han Ji-Sung.

He said that Itaewon is known as “foreigners’ street”, and the demand for halal food is increasing.

Image: The Seoul Guide

Duzy is selling his basic nasi lemak meal at 5000won (6SGD) and is seeing success with South Koreans and foreigners.

He said that South Koreans found nasi lemak similar to their bibimbap (rice with chili paste and other ingredients) which they ate quite often.

Image: Maangchi

Duzy gets his ingredients from a wet market and foreign stalls nearby.


To all of you who are seeking for halal food in Korea, Duzy says “Halal Street is close to Exit 3, and this is where you will find halal restaurants, bakeries and grocery shops. These shops are lined along the streets, leading uphill to Seoul Central Mosque.”

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