Pizza Hut Now Has Nasi Lemak Pizza With 50% Discount for Delivery / Takeaway

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Sian from reading  Goody Feed articles the whole day? Feel like your brain is on the verge of combustion? Guess what—it’s Pizza Hut time.

What? You ask. I’ve tried the Super Supreme ten times. I want the Nasi Lemak burger!

Well, how about a nasi lemak pizza?

Pizza Hut Launches Locally-Inspired Pizza

Yep, Pizza Hut has a nasi lemak pizza now. 

According to Pizza Hut Singapore, the Nasi Lemak Pizza seeks to faithfully recreate the local delight with toppings including spicy chicken chunks, eggs, cucumbers, and ikan bilis, and drizzled with an uniquely formulated sambal sauce that the chain promises to be “simply sedap”.

Can’t get enough of the sambal? You can even order extra with a simple click of your mouse when you order through the Pizza Hut website. 

But that’s not the only locally inspired flavour on sale. In case pizzas aren’t your thing, Pizza Hut has also launched brand-new mains like the Sambal Chicken or Prawn Pasta from S$13.50, and an “addictive” Spicy Chicken Pop that will be sold for S$5.90.

Because my brain is fried I will present to you what Pizza Hut’s Head of Marketing said: “The Nasi Lemak Pizza launch is our way of celebrating and showcasing one of Singapore’s favourite local dishes. A slice of pizza is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures, so what could be better than combining the Nasi Lemak flavour we all know and love with a tasty slice of Pizza Hut pizza?

“This latest pizza is customisable to your taste, with the option to add more sambal sauce and ikan bilis toppings to suit your palate! It’s a fun creation, and one that’s great value to enjoy with friends and family time and time again.”


If, like me, you are very excited about the pizza and can’t wait to try it right now to get away from your work-from-home routine, Pizza Hut’s heard you. Order now to enjoy 50% off all pizza flavours, starting from two pizzas for delivery or one for takeaway!

This promotion not valid for dine – oh, sorry.

You can enjoy the new pizza in a meal deal with a side and a drink, and exclusive deals starting from $25.50. But remember to stick to the safe distancing rules and share the pizzas only with people from your household.

Pizza Hut will also launch a limited-edition Nasi Lemak-inspired carrier, and those ordering selected bundle meals will also be given specially designed embroidered pins to personalise their carriers. 

Featured Image: Facebook (Pizza Hut)

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