3YO S’porean Sets a Record For Being Able to Name 200 Country Flags


Yes, a three-year-old toddler has just set a national record…for being the youngest person to name 200 country flags.

Here’s how he did it.

Recognise Flags from Flashcards

Singaporean toddler Ezac Lim Ee Zher named 200 country flags in 7 minutes and 33 seconds. That’s a true professional who doesn’t even need time to think, and names the flags on instinct.

On 12 March, he officially became the youngest person to achieve this feat in the Singapore Book of Records.

But he doesn’t only recognise flags. He can also name most of the countries, simply by looking at a world map.

Most three-year-olds probably have no interest in a map, let alone learning the names of every country. Perhaps Ezac is a geographer in the making?

Learning Names and Flags Since Birth

According to 8worldfather Lim Li Wei shared that Ezac has started learning to identify flags since January. Ezac would watch YouTube videos, and learn the names using a poster of world flags that his parents bought.

However, his passion for countries started ever since his birth. The family has a world map on one of their walls at home, and Ezac has been looking at it since he was a baby.

While most of us focused on the names of items around us when we first learned how to speak, Ezac learned the names of countries and regions instead.

With such a great memory and love for learning, maybe Ezac would grow up to be the next Max Zeng?

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You can watch the YouTube video below to see Ezac’s talent in action:


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Featured Image: 8world (Mr Lim)