Woman Online Shamed Friend Who Allegedly Always Borrow Small Amount of Money from Friends


An old friend reached out to her to borrow $50 for her sick daughter, only to “refuse” to return the money.

Here’s what happened, and how this exposé revealed an alleged serial scammer in the works.

Borrowed Money for Daughter Down with COVID-19

On 12 March, a woman, Xin Yi, posted on Facebook about her ex-schoolmate from secondary school scamming her.

Xin Yi suddenly got a Facebook message from schoolmate, ‘A’, who said she was stuck at work but her daughter was infected by COVID-19. ‘A’ asked Xin Yi to transfer $50 to her helper, so that her helper can buy food for her daughter. She said that she’ll return the money after her work ends at 10:30pm.

Out of the kindness of her heart, Xin Yi PayNow-ed her $50. She even tried to assure ‘A’ that her daughter will be okay.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

Didn’t Receive Money By Agreed Timing, Posted About It on Facebook

Xin Yi followed up at 10:55pm, asking if ‘A’ had transferred back the money as promised. However, ‘A’ said that she was still stuck at work and would transfer it later on.

This didn’t go down well with Xin Yi, who said that she lost her job recently but still sent the money because she trusted ‘A’ to return it.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

But don’t say she never give chance lah. Xin Yi waited till 3pm the next day, and when the money still wasn’t transferred, she posted about it on Facebook. Soon after the post, ‘A’ messaged her saying she fell asleep and would transfer the money now.

She also requested for the post to be taken down, but Xin Yi resolutely said that it’ll only be deleted once she gets the money.

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

She finally returned the money 24 hours after everything started, but Xin Yi isn’t deleting the post, saying:

“[‘A’] returned my money on the belief that I would remove this post. Likewise, I lent her the money on the belief that she would return it to me at 10.30pm on Friday as promised. Since the latter did not happen, then neither shall the former.”

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Not The First Person She Tried to Scam, Comments Revealed ‘A’ to be Serial Scammer

Other commenters who knows ‘A’ revealed that ‘A’ had also tried to borrow money from them, and has never returned the money.

Many of them also shared that ‘A’ would contact them after nearly 10 years of not speaking, just to ask for money.

Someone even compiled a whole list of reasons that ‘A’ has used to try to borrow money, which includes:

  • Mother fainted after chemotherapy, in hospital
  • Parents in Australia, bank transfer takes 3 days
  • Daughter’s sick/got COVID
  • Car breakdown
  • Raining
  • ATM eat money
  • Single mom need to feed 7 y/o son & 2 y/o daughter
  • Phone data running out
  • Abortion
  • Need to go collect pay first
  • Boyfriend beat until she’s hospitalised
  • No more milk powder, need $ to buy
  • Need to pay money for exam
  • Maid asked for money
  • Grandma passed away, need to buy drink for funeral
  • Mother’s birthday meal + cake

The highest amount ‘A’ has ever owed to a person is apparently $830, which isn’t a small sum.

‘A’ has since deactivated her Facebook account after this post went viral, and Xin Yi shared with MS News that she has since filed a police report against ‘A’.


You can read the full post here.

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