Neighbour’s Music is So Loud at 3am, It Sounds Like a Disco in a Woodlands HDB Flat

We all collectively agree on the sheer agony of tolerating loud noises especially when you are staying in an HDB estate.

Now imagine having to deal with constant drilling that continues from the night all the way until the next day morning. You can’t blame one for going nuts if they had to tolerate that for days, much less a year.

This was the issue Mr Herman has had to deal with while he is staying in a two-room rental flat located in Woodlands.

What Happened 

The poster, Mr Herman, took his grievances to the Complaint Singapore Facebook group and aired his frustration about his inconsiderate neighbours.

In a 14-second long video, Mr Herman explains that what he was recording now was the music his inconsiderate neighbours would play out loud from their unit.

“I am recording this as a proof,” said Mr Herman in another short video.

In his post, Herman explains that his neighbours would keep blasting the music at midnight until the wee hours of the morning. The music would sometimes continue throughout the next day as well.

According to MSNews, the behaviour has gone on for close to about a year.

Aside from blasting loud music, the neighbours would also cause disturbance by allegedly quarrelling really loudly, having drinks, and hold parties.

However, Herman had not confronted the neighbours as they were young and aggressive.

Tried to Avoid Music Using Own Methods

Mr Herman said that his family members have tried various ways to tolerate the loud music.

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This includes using earplugs or earpieces to block out the noise when they are trying to sleep.

Sometimes, they would also resort to coming home late just to avoid the loud music from his inconsiderate neighbours and the stress resulting from hearing these loud noises.

In his post, Herman also shares that he worries about his other neighbours staying next door as they were elderly who might feel helpless about how to deal with the situation.

Police Report Made But No Changes 

Police reports has been filed by Mr Herman but to no avail.

The police allegedly would go over to the problematic neighbours and advise them to lower the volume of the music.

But the neighbours apparently would not listen to the police advisory and continue to blast the music throughout the night.

Netizens have suggested Mr Herman to confront his neighbours nicely to which Herman replied that he has attempted to do so “twice”.

Still, one should pray that the issue resolves for Mr Herman soon as annoying as it is, neighbourly disturbance is considered a non-arrestable offence in Singapore.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Herman Md Nor)