S’pore Influencer Allegedly Asked for Puppy of Her Choice in Exchange for 2 IG Posts


While influencer sponsorship posts are nothing but common these days, some requests may come across as a little… odd and wildly unreasonable sometimes.

And it seems like Singapore influencers aren’t immune to being labelled with this kind of behaviour either.

On Tuesday (10 May), Derrick Tan, president of Voices For Animals, uploaded the following screenshot to his Facebook account.

The screenshot and caption revealed a message that an alleged “influencer” had sent him.

In the message, the influencer asked if Voices for Animals was interested in collaborating with her.

She offered a carousel post on Instagram and a repost of the post on her Instagram story, and up to this point it still seemed like your typical influencer collaboration.

However, she asked for a puppy of her choice for free in return, which was clearly much worth much more than what she was willing to offer to promote the organisation.

Tan wrote, “Nowadays, “influencer” Sibei daring, got the tits to ask on such thing, really no shame, and we checked on the profile, not to howlian or what, the following not even 5% of my following, since the influencer wants such attention, we give it to her. That could potentially up the following….”

Clearly, he was enraged, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why.

Tan also noted that the “influencer” had less than 5% of his own follower count, making the request even more ridiculous

However, despite shaming the influencer’s actions and intentions publicly, he did not disclose the username of the influencer who sent the organisation the message.

He only revealed in the comments section that she did not have a “blue tick” on her social media accounts, meaning that her account is not verified unlike most influencers.

Netizens’ Response

To no one’s surprise, most of the netizens who left comments in the comments section of the Facebook post disapproved of the influencer’s message as well.

Since Tan posted the photo, it has since garnered over 900 reactions on Facebook, as well as 265 comments and 411 shares.

Many slammed the influencer for her unreasonable and blunt requests, and called her cheap and shameless among other names.


Others also found the situation hilarious, given how ridiculous her demands were. Several users jokingly gave Tan suggestions as to what he should give her instead, with some of the suggestions being a plush toy dog, a kite and even an old Hush Puppies shoe.

Someone even commented, “So did she wrote to condom making company requesting for condoms?”

There were also a handful of Facebook users who urged Tan to reveal the influencer’s Instagram username, probably to see how “famous” she actually is.

Latest Update Regarding Influencer’s Behaviour

In a more recent update, Tan posted yet another photo regarding a recent photo posted by the influencer.


Through the screenshot, it seems like the influencer recently posted on her Instagram stories that she was providing others with “licensed imported quality” puppies.

According to Tan’s Facebook caption, the influencer (which he called “influenza”) had apparently approached several pet shops to “collaborate”.

She also asked all the shops that she contacted for a free puppy of her choice in exchange for an Instagram post and a repost of it on her Instagram story.

It is unclear as to whether or not any of the shops agreed to partner with her.

However, as seen from the influencer’s social media, it seems like she might be selling away these puppies that she asked for free instead.

“I sincerely and seriously don’t know what has the world become, but well, everyone let’s clap for her. Your female entrepreneur in the making,” Tan wrote, clearly sarcastic but also disappointed.


With regards to who exactly this influencer is, Tan did not provide any details.

Instead, he concluded his post by saying, “It’s sad that I didn’t wanna share the name, well, those looking for people to collaborate with, please be extra cautious on who you are working with.”

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Netizens’ Reactions

In the comments section, there were netizens who expressed their exasperation, but also sympathy for the innocent puppies involved.

Others urged for the influencer’s identity to be exposed, because as this commenter put it, ” “exposure” is what these ppl are after”.

Another commenter pointed out that the influencer likely does not have a licence to sell puppies, and questioned if it was possible for Tan to report her.


In response to that comment, Tan replied, “stay tune for plot 3 la”.

He also commented, “One more post Tmr”.

Influencer Claims to be “Helping a Store to Promote their Pup”

Despite Tan’s prior announcement that he would only post part three of the incident today (12 May), we all know that if there’s one thing kaypoh Singaporeans can’t do, it’s wait for more gossip or information.

In order to not keep those netizens who have been keenly following the drama in suspense, Tan uploaded the following screenshot shortly after his last post.

In the screenshot, the influencer claimed that she was “not selling the puppies”.

Instead, she was only “helping a store to promote their pup(s)”, although it seems like the Internet isn’t really buying what she said.

In the comments section, users speculated the various reasons behind her “helping” a store to sell their puppies.


“Not the one selling but maybe because someone buying under her promo code… she get commission out of it,” one user commented, referencing a common route that influencers take to earn their commission from the brands.

Well, I guess all we can do now is see if there will be a part four to this drama.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Tan Derrick)