Netflix Provides Details of Squid Game Season 2, Saying That Gong Yoo Will be Back

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The boyfriend of the creepy doll and more ddakji games?

Here’s what season two of Squid Game is going to offer.

Squid Game’s Worldwide Fame

In case you’ve really been hiding under a rock for the past year, here’s what Squid Game is about.

Last year, the first season of Squid Game took the world by storm when it dropped on Netflix in September.

The show features contestants from marginalised parts of society competing in traditional South Korean children’s games for money—with the losers put to death.

With its gory sequences masking criticism on themes of capitalism and its wide variety of characters, the show and its cast made its way into the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Netflix said in October that 142 million subscribers had watched the show—some two-thirds of its users—a record that demands a second series.

Needless to say, many viewers have been demanding for a season two, and Netflix has gladly complied.

Teased Details of Second Season

Previously, the directors only shared that Squid Game‘s season two will follow the protagonist Gi-Hun, the winner of the first season, and the people that he meets and chases after.

They also shared that it won’t be released till late 2024. Understandable, since the first season apparently took 12 years for it to hit Netflix.

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However, in an announcement on 13 June, the writer and director Hwang Dong-hyuk teased some details that will be appearing in season two.

For instance, the Front Man “will be back, and the “man in the suit with ddakji” might be back.

An interesting tidbit is that the viewers will be introduced to “Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su”. In the first season, Young-hee is the creepy motion-sensing doll from one of the first games.

You can view the official announcement here.

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