Squid Game 2 Won’t be Released Before Late 2024


If you are eagerly anticipating the next season of Squid Game, we suggest you look for some alternative shows to pass the time.

That’s because the Netflix series’ creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has yet to write the script for season two and said it would likely not be released before late 2024.


Written Only Three Pages of 2nd Season Script

Speaking at the MIPTV festival in Cannes in the south of France, the South Korean director said, “I have to work on season two. Hopefully, I can show it to the fans by the end of 2024.”

A day earlier at the adjoining Canneseries festival, he had admitted to writing only three pages of the script for the follow-up to the mega-hit series.

Seems like it will be a while before we find out what decision Gi-hun made and if detective Jun-ho is even still alive.

Squid Game’s Worldwide Fame

Last year, the first season of Squid Game took the world by storm when it dropped on Netflix in September.


The show features contestants from marginalised parts of society competing in traditional South Korean children’s games for money—with the losers put to death.

With its gory sequences masking criticism on themes of capitalism and its wide variety of characters, the show and its cast made its way into the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Netflix said in October that 142 million subscribers had watched the show—some two-thirds of its users—a record that demands a second series.

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Originally a Feature Film

Despite all its success, the blockbuster series wasn’t always meant to be a Netflix show.

Originally, Hwang had written it as a feature film in 2009. It was only in 2016, when Netflix arrived in South Korea, that he was convinced to make a TV series.

However, the process of reworking the script for seven months was not pleasant, Hwang said.

“It was hell. Maybe season two will be my last series,” he added with a laugh.

But his hard work surely paid off.

Beyond reaching international fame, Hwang was also able to meet his idol, Steven Spielberg, who told him he had binged the whole show in three days.

“He said he wanted to steal my brain,” Hwang said.

Working On New Film That’s Equally Gory

Something you can look forward to is Hwang’s upcoming film, KO Club.

It isn’t too far removed from the gore of Squid Game as the film is about killing old people, based on a book by Italian author Umberto Eco.

Hwang said it was “even more violent than Squid Game” and quipped that he would need to “steer clear of elderly people after its release”.

So before you bore yourself out while waiting for the hit series’ second season, maybe check out some of these other shows instead.


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