Telegram Going to Have a Paid Subscription Plan This Month for Premium Users

If you aren’t using Whatsapp as a messaging platform, you are most likely on Telegram.

Owing to it having more features and messaging options, more people have gradually shifted to using Telegram as their main platform for texting.

But just a few days ago, Telegram’s founder Pavel Durov, announced some big news that will change how Telegram works.

Has More Features Than Other Messaging Apps

On 10 June, Durov took to his channel on the platform, Durov’s Channel, to announce that Telegram would be introducing Telegram Premium, a paid subscription plan.

Telegram, which was launched nine years ago, has been giving its users more features and resources than any other messaging app.

Some of these include sending short video messages, stickers (before Whatsapp even had it), the presence of chat bots, and channels which is the key feature of Telegram.

“To this day, our limits on chats, media and file uploads are unrivalled,” Durov wrote.

Users Want Even More

However, he noted that many Telegram users have been asking to raise the current limits further.

The company looked for more ways to improve the platform but was faced with the issue of server and traffic costs if they removed limits for everyone.

Hence, the big decision had to be made ­— the introduction of Telegram Premium this month.

Telegram Premium is a subscription plan that allows anyone to acquire additional features, speed and resources. It will also allow users to support Telegram and join the club that receives new features first.

“After giving it some thought, we realised that the only way to let our most demanding fans get more while keeping our existing features free is to make those raised limits a paid option,” Durov shared.

The cost of subscribing to the premium plan has not been announced yet.

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Existing Features to Remain Free

However, Durov assured Telegram users who might not be keen on the premium features that existing features will remain free.

New free features will also be coming.

Moreover, even users who do not subscribe to Telegram Premium will be able to enjoy some of its benefits: for example, they will be able to view extra-large documents, media and stickers sent by Premium users, or tap to add Premium reactions already pinned to a message to react in the same way.

Durov then concluded with his belief that Telegram should be “funded primarily by its users” and not advertisers.

“This way our users will always remain our main priority,” he added.

So not to worry, Telegram users. Telegram is still free and arguably better than all its competitors.

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