Netizens Triggered By S’pore Driver Who Crashes Into ‘Caution’ Sign, Then Blamed Signage For Being There

Image: STOMP

The blame game is trending strongly in our current generation.

In Singapore, we’ve had a few infamous examples.

Is it because I’m Chinese?”, is one such example.

In another more recent case, a cyclist had the audacity of blaming a faultless taxi for apparently causing him to fall by the kerbside.


Well, at least those cases were disputes with animate things and persons.

Not so much for this next-level case though.

A Dangerous Caution Sign?

According to Stomp, an inanimate neon orange sign was placed along a road, urging motorists to take caution of ongoing roadworks ahead.

Well, another day, no?

Unfortunately, a driver crashed into the neon orange sign.

The driver uploaded a video of the incident in a Facebook post on Monday (April 29).

It was accompanied by the following caption:

“This is the correct way to put up signage… well done… no one check? safety sleeping?? Road safety where?? (sic)”

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The Facebook user tagged Singapore General Hospital as the location and updated his status to “feeling angry”.

In the video, he can be heard cursing the road sign for being placed right smack in the middle of the road before being seen exiting his vehicle to inspect the damage.

While the driver’s original Facebook post appears to no longer be available, the video has taken on its second incarnation on SG Road Vigilante.

Here’s the video in all its glory.

In what seems to be an apparent exchange of words between the driver, W himself, and another netizen, the driver took the opportunity to blame the car on his left (this time, an animate object) for failing to give way to him.

The netizen logically told him to “stop” when “in doubt” for the “obstacle” was clearly in his lane.

Somewhat contrite and perhaps recognizing his foolishness, the driver changed up his rhetoric in what can be considered an admission of guilt.

Image: SG Road Vigilante

Comment Trove

Needless to say, the video garnered a fair bit of comments on SG Road’s post.

Many expressed sympathies for the road sign.

Image: SG Road Vigilante

Others suggested possible reasons for the collision.

Image: SG Road Vigilante

Some took to humour for an outlet for whatever vague emotions they may have been feeling.

Image: SG Road Vigilante
Image: SG Road Vigilante

Some just let loose on their sheer unmitigated anger.

Image: SG Road Vigilante
Image: SG Road Vigilante

So what’s next?

Children blaming and suing parents for giving birth to them and for subjecting them to whatever the hell LIFE is?

Oh wells, that’s been done before already.

Welcome to 2019.

No wonder Thanos wants to reduce the population.