Never put these 13 things into your microwave, if not you’ll cry forever

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Microwaves help us heat up food in a matter of seconds; or it could also cause a fire or explosion if we put the wrongs things in. Here are some things that you should never microwave.

Eggs With Shells
Never try to hard boil an egg in a microwave. The rapid heating of the egg builds up pressure and steam within the eggshell, thus leading to an explosion. Good luck clearing up the mess.

Some fruits might be able to withstand high temperatures, but not all of them can. For example, grapes aren’t fans of heat and will explode if you microwave them. To be safe, don’t ever microwave any of your fruits, period.


Any type of metals should never ever go into your microwave. The reason behind this is that metals reflects microwaves and the reaction could damage your oven and whatever that is placed in it.

Some Plastic Containers
If the “microwave safe” logo isn’t on the plastic, never microwave it. Some plastics leak harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates into food upon microwaving.

Paper Bags
These bags aren’t sanitary, are prone to catch fire and may emit toxic fumes upon microwaving. The same goes for newspapers and plastic bags.


Yogurt Containers
As with most plastics, they aren’t created to be microwaved. In this instance, yogurt containers are made for one time only usages and will melt to release harmful chemicals into the food.

Styrofoam Containers
You may not know this but styrofoam is a type of plastic. And we’ve learnt in the few previous points that plastics don’t play nice in microwaves.

Aluminium Foil
As a metal, the aluminium foil reflects microwaves. If you cover your food with the foil, not only does the food not get heated up, you may also be facing a fire hazard.

Chilli (Fresh or Dried)
Although nothing will happen to the chilli, the same can’t be said for the person opening the microwave door. Microwaving releases the chemicals in the chilli and hit you like a tsunami. The results: stinging eyes and a burning throat.


Since there is nothing to absorb the microwaves, this literally tells your microwave to self destruct.