New Video of Boys Abusing An ofo Bike Could Have Killed Someone


What do you get when you have a bike rental service that doesn’t have a GPS attached to it? Well, over the past few months, we have seen how Singaporeans have been abusing such bicyles, especially the ones from ofo as they do not come with any GPS trackers. Meaning, all you have to do is ride it, cut off the tag attached and it’s yours.

Well, that’s if you can get over your conscience which apparently, many people can. We have seen people stealing these bicycles, selling it on Carousell and even spray-painting it to make it their own. 

Two boys ramming the ofo bicycle into the wall

And now, here’s another one – two boys riding and ramping it against the wall at the rooftop of a carpark. And of course, like any mischievous act that gets on the Internet, there will be a video accompanying it.

In the video, the two boys were seen ‘playing’ with the bicycle at the rooftop of a multi-story car park. The boys repeatedly pushed the bicycle towards the walls of the carpark in a bid to ram it against the wall.

After multiple attempts, they still continued with the act as though they wanted to push the bicycle down the rooftop or worst, spoil it completely. 

And I guess everyone knows what’s going to happen if the bike fall from the roof. It’s no longer just a mischievous act – that’s murder.

Netizens were furious with the person who took the video 

However, what caught the netizens’ eyes the most, was not how the boys were mistreating the bicycle. Rather, they were more angered by the person who took the video because of two reasons – one, they did not go down and stop these children and two, that they did not allow these children to be ‘just kids’ and be ‘naughty’.

Firstly, yes, I agree that the people behind the video should have stepped forward to stop these two boys from continuously ruining the bicycle. They, too, should have refrained from posting the video online because well, kids being kids, they might think that they have turned into overnight Internet sensations which might encourage more kids to commit such acts. 

But seriously, just because they are ‘just kids’, it does not give them the right to be ‘naughty’ by resorting to such acts of vandalism. Being ‘naughty’ as a kid is more of ‘talking back’ to the parents when they are at fault, or kicking their siblings in the butt when they don’t know how else to express their anger.

But this? This is not just ‘being naughty’. This is vandalism and kudos to this netizen for pointing it out too.

Honestly, unless you are 3-years-old and have no inkling of what you’re doing, we should not let these kids off so easily. The parents should step in and teach these kids what’s right and wrong. 

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