No Boyfriend This CNY? There’re Some BFs for Sale in Carousell, But Mostly No Refund


Every CNY, there is confirm at least one relative who will ask you if you have a boyfriend yet. This question is normally for girls unless you’re a guy and you have an elderly relative with bad eyesight. Take a look at some of the boyfriends you can rent or buy on Carousell to dodge all these questions.

1. Luxury Boyfriend for Sale


I’ll have to put this out there: this one is not cheap. It’s a whopping $500 for a condition 9/10 boyfriend that apparently comes in multiple colours! Which makes one wonder, are the colours referring to his rather limited wardrobe, or can he actually change colours? Now that would be a steal.

2. Per Hour Boyfriend


This one is a not cheap either. The price is per hour, and it’s also an intimidating $50 an hour. Good for those who only need a boyfriend for a couple of hours for a house visit, or too expensive otherwise. However, this one comes with a defect. Apparently, he lies a lot, so you gals (and some guys) out there better watch what he says should you purchase his service.

I have to wonder, though, what did he do to his girlfriend for her to put him for sale/rental like this?

3. Budget Boyfriend


At first glance, this one seems like the best deal ever. SO many good things about him, and totally free! Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem like he’s actually for sale. I‘ve checked. You can tell from the tone. This is just one of those people who like to show off their affections.

This guy should probably do something about his addiction to Carousell though before his girlfriend actually puts him up for sale.

4. Rental Boyfriend Service


Very professional. “Male Companionship Rental Services”. Wow. This guy even lists down the necessary details and offers flexible rates for CNY. This is a man who knows how to do business. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if he’s arm candy enough for house visiting, as he didn’t put any pictures of himself. We only have the words: “Decent looking bloke”. I guess we have to take his word for it.


5. Super Budget Boyfriend


This one is definitely worth the affordable price tag. At a low, low $29.90, this one absolutely beats the rest, and potentially even the flexible rates guy. This is a one-time purchase, which means you’ll have him for the rest of your life, and if you just show up with this to any CNY gathering once, I guarantee nobody would bother you with those questions again. You might not even need to visit anyone anymore! What a deal!

Of course, most of the above listings on Carousell are simply jokes, and even then they aren’t very easy to find at all. So ladies, if you really need a boyfriend or girlfriend, take your time (not to search for a listing, though. You need to actually go and meet people), and just take all these questions in stride for one more year. I’m sure all of you will find someone someday.

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