NOC Finally Posted a New Video After the Saga With a Twist Ending


NOC: the three letters of the alphabet that parents have stopped teaching their babies.

As you may know, Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) has been losing subscribers on its YouTube account ever since allegations of workplace abuse emerged last month.

A year ago, NOC published a video to celebrate them reaching one million subscribers:

But they’ve since dropped down to 985k subscribers (which is still a sizeable number).

If you’ve been following the NOC saga closely, like most of us have, you would have noticed that the company had stopped posting YouTube videos since the allegations surfaced, with its last video uploaded over three weeks ago on 9 Oct.

One of their most recent videos, an episode of their popular Food King series, garnered 6,900 dislikes, nearly 3,000 more than the number of upturned thumbs they received.

With such a long hiatus, many thought the company would only post a new video once the saga had died down.

But, like a bolt from the blue, NOC uploaded a new video yesterday (31 Oct).

NOC Finally Posted a New Video on Halloween

Shared on Halloween, the video features four individuals’ spooky experiences with a rather inept ghost.

Instead of delivering the usual scares, the writers aimed to turn the tropes of the horror genre on their heads by injecting some humor into the scenes.

This is why the ‘victims’ didn’t run out of their houses screaming, but asked the ghost to pose for a selfie or sweep instead. One even made a pass at the poor, unscary creature.

Image: YouTube (NOC)

In the end, the four of them manage to catch the ghost, and attempt to perform an exorcism.

The video ends with a twist, however, as it turns out they were exposing skinfluencers the whole time.

Image: YouTube (NOC)

For those who don’t know, skinfluencers are influencers who are obsessed with good skin and skincare products. They provide advice on skin conditions based on their own experiences and often push products using social media.

What’s odd is that the video’s caption for this last line says “exposing sginfluencers” while the voiceover says skinfluencers.

Was this an error or a reference to the country’s biggest-ever saga? 


I guess we’ll never know.

Overwhelmingly Positive Netizen Reaction 

If you head to the Food King video shared above and scroll through the comments section, you’ll come across quite a few netizens who had some choice words for the company.

But in their latest video, the comments section was overwhelmingly positive.

Image: YouTube (NOC)

The way I see it, there are two possible explanations for this:

  1. NOC removed some negative comments
  2. People on the internet suddenly become very nice and forgiving

Based on the like to dislike ratio, however, the latter seems unlikely.

Image: YouTube (NOC)

What do you think?

You can watch the video here:

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Featured Image: YouTube (Night Owl Cinematics)