Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-A Uploads a New Video to Address the Her Controversy


Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-A has deleted all Instagram posts and YouTube videos, leaving only her apologies on her sites.

Here is Song’s apology from her latest YouTube video.

Felt The Need to Maintain Her Image

Recently, the beauty content creator, influencer, and reality-TV star Song Ji-A came under fire for wearing counterfeit clothes and jewellery on her social media and Single’s Inferno.

This was a big deal since her entire image was built upon her wealth and love for branded goods. Furthermore, many found it hypocritical that she is disrespecting designers’ works when she has a dream of launching her own brand someday.

She has already posted a handwritten apology letter on Instagram, but there is now an apology video as well.

The influencer uploaded a video titled “It’s Song Ji A” on 25 January. According to translations by Koreaboo, she started off by admitting to wearing counterfeit products and apologized for the delay in her video, and also for worrying her fans.

Song then said that she should have been more careful as a public figure, as she has “damaged the brands’ value” by wearing knock-offs.

She shared that she first started buying counterfeit products just because they were pretty. However, after she began receiving lots of attention from the public, she felt pressured to keep buying knock-offs so that she can maintain her image as the glamorous Song Ji-A.

“Everything Is My Fault”

Song once again apologised for her actions and said that she has been “living while reflecting on [her] actions”.

She also admitted that “everything is [her] fault”, and asked the public to stop criticising her family.

Love for Fans is Real Despite Rumours

After Song got exposed for faking her glamorous lifestyle, many netizens began to question other aspects of her life. In particular, whether her love for her fans, Pringies, was also just a ruse to maintain her popularity.


To that, Song reaffirmed that her love for Pringies was real, and she was sorry to the fans who felt hurt by the rumours.

She ended off the video by stating that she has private all her videos, and will be taking time to reflect upon her wrongdoings. She will “personally take on the consequences of [her] actions until the very end”.

You can watch the video here:

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People Also Triggered That She Rented Instead of Bought Her Apartment

Other than knock-off clothes, her affluent lifestyle is also upheld by her place of residence. She lives in Seoul Forest Trimage, located in an upper-class neighbourhood in Seoul.

Song’s one-bedroom apartment costs KR₩780 million (~S$882, 042) to buy.

Instead of buying, Song pays a monthly rent of KR₩3 million (~S$3,392.47) to stay in the apartment.

It is still really expensive, but netizens are still triggered because her act of renting the apartment contradicts her wealthy image.

Song did not respond to the criticisms over her apartment, but her CEO did, and you can read about it here.

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