Not-So-Breaking-News: Ditto is Now in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go, having released in July 2016, has died down in the subsequent months. However, there has been some updates recently, and now Ditto has officially joined the family

Ditto has been discovered!


If you are a die hard fan of Pokemon Go, this should be a good news for you! Ditto is now in Pokemon Go, and you are able to catch it through some common Pokemon. This includes Rattatas, Pidgeys, Spearows, Zubats and Magikarps. 

As Ditto has been known to disguise itself as other Pokémon, there is a chance that the common Pokemon you catch might turn out to be Ditto. 

And it’s the same for everyone. If you encounter a Pokémon that is Ditto in disguise, the Pokémon in that specific encounter will also reveal itself as Ditto for other Trainers. So be prepared for a stampede through the streets of Singapore again. 

Ditto Gym Abilities is Crazy, Though

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Ditto is also a unique Pokémon when you interact with Gyms. Ditto will copy the appearance, types, and moves of the first Pokémon it sees when training or battling at a Gym. It will then stay that way through the remainder of those Gym battles. 

Will the comeback of a Ditto spark your interest in Pokemon Go again? Let us know!

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