NUS Student Given 12-Day Detention Order After Climbing Into Girl’s Home, Strangling Her & Injuring Her Eyes

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Break-ups can get pretty messy.

Whether it’s emotionally, or physically.

And that’s especially so when one party’s absolutely devastated by the outcome…

Like the following NUS student, who clearly did not take his ex-girlfriend’s rejection well.

NUS Student Given 12-Day Detention Order After Climbing Into Girl’s Home & Strangling Her

Yin Zi Qin, a 23-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) student, has been given a short detention order after he climbed into his ex-girlfriend’s home and began strangling her.

He will also have to go through five months of counselling, and complete 80 hours of community service over the duration of a year.

Yin was in his second year of dental course at NUS, and had been dating the victim for almost two years.

The relationship ended in May 2019, when the victim initiated a break-up.

But that wasn’t mutual.

Seeking to amend things, Yin went to her home with an access card she had given him before. After the victim returned home, they climbed into her bedroom window from an adjacent showroom unit.

Yin presented roses and begged for her forgiveness, pleading with her to reconsider things.

Image: Giphy

The victim, however, declined.

Devastated, he went home and gave the flowers to another girl.

No, I kid you. That happened every single guy in Singapore but not to Yin.

Instead, Yin reportedly reacted by first banging his own head against the wall, before strangling her.


The victim screamed and struggled, which prompted him to press his thumb against her eye, causing it to bleed.

Image: Pinterest

The victim passed out, and regained consciousness on the floor.

Later on, the victim’s stepfather would pin down Yin, and she was subsequently taken to hospital with blurred vision.

According to the report, she sustained a temporary impairment to her vision, with an eye infection that ultimately took five months to heal.

Since then, the victim has suffered from psychological harm, with frequent insomniac periods and nightmares of Yin infiltrating her house or attacking her.


She was also “in constant paranoia about bumping into the accused in school”.

Meanwhile, her family members have also expressed concern over their personal safety at home. Her stepfather, for one, would make sure that all windows and doors are locked every night.


In court, district judge Marvin Bay admitted that probation was not ideal in this case.

However, he noted that Yin’s “relative youth, his rehabilitative prospects and his lack of (previous convictions)” made community based-sentences “a viable option”.

He also doubted that Yin had a “high risk of reoffending”, though he did recognise the psychological repercussions that the victim has had to contend with.


Yin was sentenced to a detention order for 12 days, a day reporting order for five months with counselling as well as an order to fulfill 80 hours of community service (over the course of a year).

For voluntarily causing hurt, Yin could have faced a jail term of up to two years, a fine of up to S$5,000, or both.

Suffice to say, netizens were…wait, let’s not go there yet.

Meanwhile, in other news: