NUS Student Caught Sneaking Into Female Toilet & Allegedly Installing Spy Cameras Inside


What is becoming of Singapore?

Why are there so many cases of voyeurism popping up now, especially after Monica Baey’s case?

Or has it always been happening, but the cases were just not brought to the public’s attention?

It seems like despite various news sites reporting on different cases of voyeurism, it isn’t enough to deter others from committing the same crime.

Maybe it’s because the punishment isn’t severe enough. 

Another Peeping Tom

This time, we’re back with a new story, but this isn’t a man who sneaked into a toilet and filmed someone showering.

Nope, this man took it to another level.


Why risk getting caught when a hidden camera is all it takes, right?

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NUS Student Caught Sneaking Into Female Toilet & Allegedly Installing Spy Cameras Inside

A 24-year-old National University of Singapore student was arrested on Saturday morning, 7 March, after he was caught sneaking into the female toilet in an NUS residential college.

He was allegedly trying to install spy cameras inside.

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The university’s campus security personnel was apparently the one who discovered the two hidden cameras that were disguised as smoke detectors and immediately reported the incident to the police.

Image: National University of Singapore

One camera was hidden inside the female toilet where the man was detained, while another spy camera was discovered inside another female toilet on the same floor of the college.

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School Immediately Checked All The Toilets

According to an email that was sent to all students from the College of Alice and Peter Tan, students were notified of this incident and were also assured that a sweep was conducted for all the toilets in the college and no other similar devices were found.

The email also stated that the man was not a resident, but rather a trespasser who was brought in by a resident.

An NUS representative said that the student has been suspended with immediate effect and will not be allowed to step foot on all areas of the campus.

The representative then added that a thorough inspection of all-female toilets on campus is currently being carried out but there have not been any suspicious devices found so far.

No Trespassing

Noting that the man is actually a trespasser, NUS has taken the opportunity to urge all college residents to observe the housing rules and not allow visitors to stay beyond the stipulated visiting hours.

The spokesperson said, “The university takes a very serious view of this matter. Disciplinary action will be taken against any student found to have breached the university’s rules and regulations. We also urge the NUS community to remain vigilant, and to immediately report any suspicious person or activity to campus security.”

Those who have been affected by the incident have also been contacted by the college’s staff members to offer support and assistance.

The police are still investigating the situation.


Penalties If Guilty

The man could be jailed a maximum of three months and fined a maximum of $1,500 if he is found guilty of criminal trespass.

He could also be subjected to a jail term of a maximum of two years, fined and caned if he is found guilty of voyeurism.

Things like these have been happening in Singapore’s tertiary institutes, which was why Monica Baey was regarded as a heroine when she brought this entire issue to light.

There are some who are harassed and forced into doing things that they are not comfortable with.

A group of NTU students have gotten together to use VR and scenarios to teach women how to protect themselves better when sexually harassed.

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