Rich Student Who Filmed Friends in Toilet Now Banned from Leaving S’pore After Text Leaks


If you know about the case of a rich student who has a “master plan” to siam the long arm of law with his wealth, you’d have cheered after reading the headline.

The student might come from a wealthy family, but even his family background can’t save him this time.

Here’s what happened lest you’ve not been coming to our app daily.

High-Flying Rich Student Who Filmed 12 Women in Toilet Intended to Leave S’pore Forever To Avoid Jail

To know more about this case, you might want to read this article written by yours truly.

If you hate reading my older articles for some reason, here’s a breakdown of what happened:

  • Rich student from top British university lured 12 of his lady friends to his house and secretly filmed them in the toilet
  • This happened in the last three years or so
  • Last year, he was charged for two offences but was able to go back to the UK for his studies
  • This year, he was charged again for filming 12 ladies, but was once again able to go back to the UK for his studies
  • On Tuesday (14 January 2020), new evidence emerges: it turns out that this time around, he intended to leave Singapore for good to avoid the charges
  • The evidence is a text conversation between him and a female friend
  • The female friend had given the text messages to the police as she just realised that she is one of the victims

Quite a courtroom action, isn’t it?

Today, the verdict that we expected came.


Rich Student Who Filmed Friends in Toilet Now Banned from Leaving S’pore After Text Leaks

District Judge Adam Nakhoda reversed the decision to allow the student to leave Singapore for his studies…for obvious reasons.

But just to confirm that (and to hit my word count), the judge said explicitly that the reason for the new decision is due to the text messages that were shown in court on Tuesday.

The student, if found guilty, would face jailtime of up to one year or a fine…per charge.

Remember, so far, there has been 12 victims.


I don’t even dare to do the maths for him.

Gag Order Not Lifted

There’s currently a gag order to protect the identities of the victims, so the name and images of the student can’t be published anywhere.

However, on Tuesday, 10 out of 12 of the victims wanted the gag order to be lifted. In other words, they wanted his name published everywhere even if that means the victims’ identities could be disclosed.

Today, the decision of the gag order is made as well: it won’t be lifted as there are still two victims who did not consent to having the gag order lifted.

Oh, wells: although we might never know the name of this rich high-flying Ah Sia Kia, at least we know that justice will still be served.

So here’s a warning to all ASKs who think that their wealthy parents can protect them from the long arm of the law: don’t even think about it.

Grab might be buying over foodpanda in Singapore, and it might occur by next month. Watch to the end and you’d agree:

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