10 Troll-iest Recent Stories from NUSWhispers FB Page That Only Cats Would Believe Are Real

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Cats may have nine lives, but they certainly seem to be gullible, as indicated in the headline.

Image: NY Daily News

But well, moving on.

So if you’re familiar with the NUSWhispers Facebook page, you would know two things about it:

First, it’s active. Really active. And secondly…

It’s filled with equal measures of genuine and ‘troll’ stories.

Image: USA Today

How troll exactly, you may ask. Well, let’s just say that it gets pretty troll…

And here are 10 of the troll-est stories in the page’s recent history to justify our point.

Note: The following stories are not ranked in any particular order.

10 Troll-iest Recent Stories from NUSWhispers FB Page That Only Cats Would Believe Are Real

1. The Exorbitantly-Priced Wallet

In the post, the confessor states that he was able to afford an exorbitantly-priced wallet (amid the ongoing epidemic) due to his investment profits.

He also claims to have paid $4.8K to his “best bro” and another $1,000 in profits to his “other army friend”, and still not experienced any change in his “asset base”.

The reason, he said, is because of his “superior investment acumen”.

He also admits that he may come across as cocky to some, but states that he has the “results” to prove himself.

You can view the post here.

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Needless to say, Netizens weren’t appeased.

“Oh wow!” a commenter said. “How I wish I could own an almost $1,000 wallet and earn almost 5 digit! Impressive!”

“Soon we will see YouTube ad from this guy.👏 Enjoy your wallet make sure you have money to put inside,” another said.

And one perhaps put it best.

“Good for you. Stay humble.”

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

2. God Of Cooking

Movie plots are universal in nature.

And it seems that it’s no different over at NUSWhispers.


In the plot post, the confessor states that she had broken up with her boyfriend because of two primary reasons:

  1. He did a “drastic career switch” from a lawyer to a chef.
  2. He had to save up for three years to get her a coach bag, which she thought was “pathetic”.

After getting the bag, she allegedly dumped him.

10 years later (yes movie cliche time), the confessor has risen up the ranks to become the senior associate with a law firm. Her ex-boyfriend, on the other hand, is now a top Michelin star chef working for the royal family in Dubai.

Also, he’s going to marry a Thai woman, which aggravated her because she obviously made the wrong choice of letting him go.

And so she has embarked on a solitary mission to get him back, as she feels that he deserves someone of equal status. And to do so, she has asked for the advice for NUSWhispers peeps, who are all counsellors and ex-boyfriend hunters in their own rights.


You can read the post here.

3. Enjoying Those Sexy Photos

In the post, the confessor states that she is currently talking to a guy on social media, who makes it a point to send “sexy” photos of himself.

According to her, she does not share a sexual relationship or real-life fraternizing campaigns with the potential third party, but admits that she enjoys his many “nude photos”.

She also requested for him to send more.

“What should I do?” she asked. “I feel a little guilty towards my boyfriend.”


And well, the peeps on NUSWhisper responded. Rose to the occasion, so to speak.

Some were practical.

“All you need to do is stop this and confess to ur bf,” one commenter said. “I think end day he still need that basic respect on what the hell happened. And yes, what you did is cheating.

Others, however, responded in kind.

“Sometimes the guy on social media is not who you think he is,” the commenter said.


“He could be sending you pictures taken from porn sites and one day he will ask you to send bobs and vagene in which you will do and he could be a 50 year old residing in India or a 14 year old messaging you when his parents go to work. But in the meantime enjoy your fantasy.”

You can view the post here.

4. The Occifer For Life

In the post, the confessor ‘rants’ about a guy in the same tutorial class who would incorporate pictures of himself (during his army days) in his presentation slides.


Apparently, 90% of the occifer’s self-intro was about his time in the army, a notion which evidently ticked the confessor off.

“I’m actually surprised that he didn’t wear the OCS singlet to tutorial,” the confessor wrote.

You can view the post here.

Over in the comments section, responses were pretty mixed. While some took the mickey out of the said officer, others implored for people to stop judging him and let him be.

“I don’t see what’s wrong with him doing that,” one commenter said.


“Everyone has their own achievements or an experience that they are proud of. Why do people like to judge or make it seem like it’s wrong to be proud of something that someone had put in effort for. This is why many individuals nowadays are afraid to be proud of their own achievements.”

And though there’s definite validity in the statement, I still wonder about one thing:

What do the guys who actually wear their OCS singlets to tutorial class have to say about this?

5. The Really ‘Troll-ish’ Post

Disappointed in all the entries so far because of your distinct taste in troll-ism?

Well, here’s one that will set your troll radar tingling alright.


The confessor starts off simple and genuine enough. She had met a guy through a friend; they started texting on a daily basis; the guy asked whether she had a boyfriend, and she said that she didn’t have one. Soon after that, the guy confessed and they started dating. The guy would allegedly treat her to good food often, and buys her whatever she likes.

Well, that certainly sounds like the ideal type for many a koreaboos.

And then on the night before the confession post was up (presumably), the oppa-material allegedly said that his friend had seen her out with another guy at a restaurant. In response, the confessor only said ‘sort of’. Upon further questioning, she revealed that she had been together with the guy for 5 years.

Furious, he tore into her, accusing her of being a liar. She then said that she technically didn’t lie to him because the unknown guy wasn’t her boyfriend…

But her fiance.


“He was so angry he even asked me to return him the macbook which he bought for me,” she wrote.

“Seriously I think he’s super unreasonable. First, he called me a liar and then he wants me to return him the macbook that he bought for me. I did not even lie to him. I just didn’t tell him I have a fiance, that’s all.”

“Seriously why are some people so petty? Just break up if you not happy. Still want take back macbook? Crazy guy.”

Sounds a lot like a plot from an SGAG video, no?

You can read the rest of the troll account here.


6. Korean Revenge Drama

Student-teacher love is a notion that’s particularly rampant overseas…

And it seems that it has “sneaked” into local waters as well.

In this particular post, the confessor admits that she’s in love with her teacher, and had been solemnly up to no good with him.

However, he’s getting married soon, and she’s forced to concede that the illicit relationship can’t possibly continue.

Or can it?


“I’ll never be his first lady,” she wrote. “But I’ll be his last.

“Just you wait.”

Wait. What? Still got cliffhanger one?

You can read the rest of the revenge plot here.

7. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Reusing a surgical mask over and over again is one thing.


Using hand soap as a substitute hand sanitiser is another.

But in the end, you can really verify a story’s authenticity when the confessor claims to have tried using a surgical mask as a condom.

“Singapore condoms are so ex, she want me to go bankrupt is it?” the confessor wrote.

“Some more the mask I used to wrap around my **** is brand new one, straight out of the ndp funpack and she still want to complain.”

Not gonna lie; that last bit made me chortle really hard.

You can read the rest of the ‘story’ here.

8. The Alumni Who “Connected Very Deeply” One Night

Mothers are kindly in nature, and tend to prepare soup when they’re worried about their children’s health.

They also entertain nice students on the way back and end up connecting with them on a very ‘deep’ level.

Feels kind of off from how you have always envisioned Asian mums to be? Well, that’s certainly what this post seems to be implying.

Though with that said, I would take it with a grain of salt. Or in this case, a sip of soup.

You can read the full post here.

9. Story Right Out Of A Newspaper

Girl initiates break-up. Guy wants to talk it out. Guy heads over to her house and contemplates whether he should strangle and poke her eyes climb through her window.

Sounds familiar? Well, that’s because it’s based on a real-life scenario.

Which this post seems to be emulating.

Of course, it could be a true account, but considering the ending phrase…

“I mean, I’m not even trying to strangle her, I’m a nice guy, I just want to talk.”

Wait. Is that newsjacking or what?

I would, yet again, take it with a grain of salt.

You can read the full post here.

10. Asking A Friend If They Wanna Become FWB, Without Pissing Them Off

‘Nuff said.

You can read the full post here.

Honorable Mention

Now, I can’t be certain of the authenticity of this post, but I’ve decided to include it because it radiates sheer heartbreak to me, troll or not.

You can read the post here.

And for the record, I would watch it if it was a real-life movie.

With that said, you can peruse more ‘nonsensical’ stories on NUSWhispers’ Facebook page.

Netflix n chill? Nah, it’s NUSWhispers and chill now.

Because it can get that entertaining.

In the meantime, if you want to read entertaining contents that are informative as well, then download our app instead.