Ok, This Robot Restaurant in Japan is a Must-Visit Simply Because It’s Weird


When you think of robot, what comes to your mind? High-technology? Computerized humans and monotonous voices? Certainly not food, right?

Well, this restaurant in Japan will definitely surprise you with their presentation of a robot. What’s even cooler, they even associated robot with food, creating their very own robot restaurant. 

Robot Restaurant 

If you’re looking to see robots in action and be amazed by the technology we have today, don’t bother, you will be disappointed.

Instead of all of that, you’ll get a very touristy place with bright, loud, hectic lights. Great for a large group outing, it’ll give you lots of laughs, with their corny showcase of shimmering “robots” and costumes.

Image: tokyoweekender.com

See what I mean? Loud and flashy lights.

Image: en.blog.govoyagin.com

Pre-booking of tickets is recommended as you’ll receive a voucher for a free drink at the bar. When you show up for your scheduled show, there will be a live “robot” band in the rainbow lounge to entertain you 45 mins prior to “showtime”. 

Once you have your meal, you will be guided to your assigned seats on either side of the show floor and given complimentary water. 


The robot show runs around 90 minutes in total, with breaks in between each of the five segments. Some breaks were slightly longer, with the intention for you to purchase and enjoy their popcorn and their beer. 

The Show

If you have already gotten it figured out, there isn’t going to be any actual robots. They are clearly humans in costumes, dancing around with lasers and loud music blaring everywhere. 

You can only expect things to get crazier as the show proceeds to each segment. 

Image: http://www.japlanning.com

The shows gets even more intense, with robot fights, dancing girls on top of robots, and infectious music ranging from J-pop to E-pop such as Ariana Grande’s Bang Bang. Everyone is dancing, the crowds will be chanting along and applauding furiously. 

Is the hype surrounding Robot Restaurant worth the money and time? It would be a yes for some people. If you’re looking for fun and a lot of laughs with your friends, go ahead and have some fun! 

Interested to know more? Check out the video below! 

Since you’re here, why not check out Goody Feed’s YouTube videos as well? They’re so Singaporean, I bet you’ll like them!

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Featured Image: en.blog.govoyagin.com

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