Okay, This S’pore School is Willing to Offend Parents to Impart the Best Values Ever


We grew up learning through our experiences in school. Remember the times where we forgot to bring our textbooks to school? We had to suffer the consequences. There was no one there to solve our problems. 

Nowadays, kids are more cloistered and sheltered. With helicopter parents around, it really breeds our Strawberry generation. No wonder this school has received compliments in trying to impart these important values into their students. 

Imparting Values into Students Starts from Young 

Image: stomp.com.sg

What’s the best way to learn how to be independent? To be self-reliant, of course. That’s exactly how Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School (KCPPS) has taken its stand in cultivating this environment for their students. 

According to the school security guard, there will be at least three to four parents or domestic helpers at the gate every day from 8 am to 9 am. Yeap you’ve got it right, they’re there just to deliver forgotten items such as water bottles, textbooks or even pocket money to their children. 

Hence, to discourage parents from dropping off their children’s forgotten items, they are usually redirected to the general office where they are turned away. To quote the sign above, “if you’re delivering your child’s forgotten lunch, books… please turn around and leave.” 

Learning Process 

There is a purpose in doing so. The school believes that children should take responsibility for their own actions. Parent’s absence will be able to teach them to bear consequences and to learn to solve problems on their own. 

As parental involvement is critical in this endeavour, the school seeks parents’ cooperation to refrain from delivering forgotten items for their children. Through platforms such as parent-teacher meeting, they emphasised on how this is an important part of their learning process to take ownership of their actions. 

However, the message has not gotten to some parents, hence the sign was put up to serve as a visual reminder for parents to partner the school in this effort.


Yeap you’ve said it, children need to fend for themselves to learn what it means to be self-reliant and responsible. By sheltering them, it will affect their ability to be able to solve problems for themselves. Kudos to this school for imparting such values into their students! Perhaps our strawberry generation won’t be so bad after all? 

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