Elderly Man Requests Longer Stay at Hospital Coz’ Nobody Will Care For Him At Home


From a young age, a lot of us are taught to care for our parents as they get older.

And unless there may be some insinuating circumstances, I would say that most of us would.

But sadly, some elderly do not get to experience this and are left alone.

Elderly Man Requests Longer Stay at Hospital Coz’ Nobody Will Care For Him At Home

On 13 April, Facebook user Kengy Peixiong posted about a heartbreaking situation he witnessed.

Kengy noted that an elderly man had been staying in the hospital for around 5 days.

He said that only once did he see the man’s daughter visit him in the hospital and only for around 15 minutes.

The son-in-law was present as well, but supposedly didn’t talk at all and just stood around.

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Then, on the day of release, what the man told the doctor was even more painful to hear.

Instead, of wanting to go back, the man told the doctor if he could stay an extra day or two.

When asked why, he explained that back home, no one would supposedly take care of him. So instead of hoping someone would help, he would rather wait a bit more to fully recover and then head back to care for himself.

Kengy himself added a bit more to the post.


He talked about how those who didn’t care for their parents shouldn’t seek others’ sympathy once they (the parents) are gone.

He then mentioned treating one’s parents well when they are still alive.

As of this writing, this post has been shared over 2.7K times, received 152 comments and 2.2K reactions.

Netizens Respond

Naturally, with the post being quite viral, many netizens have responded to it.

Most of the replies were washing the elderly man well, as well as telling others to treat their family well and with compassion.

However, there were several who also said there might be more to the story, and perhaps there was a reason for not getting as many visits.

Image: Facebook (Kengy Peixiong)

Similarly, a few also said that we shouldn’t judge the situation based on our own outside perspective.

The status of the elderly man is currently unknown.

At the very least, we hope that he has made a full recovery from his post-operation pains.

Kindness To The Elderly

Being filial and kind to others isn’t necessarily driven by a reward.


Sometimes, people just find it in them to do it.

Such is the case for one 15-year-old Kean Koe who helped a wheelchair-bound elderly man to Radin Mas Community Club to book an appointment for his COVID-19 vaccination.

His deed went largely unnoticed till Stomp reached out to Outram Secondary School for comment.

You can read more about Kean’s act here.

Featured Image: Facebook (Kengy Peixiong)