Old-School ‘Ice-cream Sandwich’ Now Sold in Supermarkets & A Review of Them

People have often said this: if you want to make everyone happy, go sell ice-cream.

I’ll say that’s it’s a pretty archaic phrase, because ice-cream uncles that make us happy are almost endangered here in Singapore.

If you’re old enough, you’ll have fond memories of savouring a pastel-hued bar of ice cream sandwiched between thin and crisp wafers or soft rainbow bread, served with a smile by the well-loved ice-cream hawker cart ‘uncles’.

Now? The sound of ice-cream uncle ringing their bells to signal their arrival is as rare as finding an influencer who takes an image of herself looking into the camera.

It’s sad, really, since our grandkids might no longer understand why we were so obessed with the sounds of ringing bell.

However, it’s not all over. Yet.

The ice-cream uncles might be gone soon, but MAGNOLIA, which is apparently part of F&N, is bringing the ice-cream into supermarkets.

The All-New MAGNOLIA Wafer Ice-cream

When we saw the ice-cream uncle, a first-world dilemma would strike some of us: should we go for the wafer version, or the bread version?

Both are equally good, and both would make us smile for the entire day, but usually, it was like a Sega vs Nintendo back then (or in today’s context, Android vs iOS): there are always die-hard supporters in each camp.

If you were in #TeamSandwich, then too bad: this isn’t for you.

Because MAGNOLIA has just released a range of new ice-cream, and they’re a block of ice-cream sandwiched between two soft wafers.

Here, take a look here and reminisce your childhood (while contemplate how old you’re now):

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They come in three flavours: the classic chocolate one that’ll make even Wolverine happy, the durian version because a Singapore product is never complete without the yellow solid ooze, and the yam version, probably more for the older generation ‘coz yam isn’t yummy to me.

These wafer ice-creams are now available in all supermarkets for $1.10 per pack, or $4.35 for a multipacks of four. Ah, saving $0.05 when you buy more: that’s so 1990s.

How do they taste?

We’ve the privilege of trying all three flavours, and let’s just say that you won’t need to read this article in its entirety to know what I’m about to say, though the first point is important.

The ice-cream blocks are hard. So hard, all of us screamed when we tried to take a bite. However, that’s because the ones we had are kept with dry ice (they were sent to us by their PR agency), so it could have too cold and frozen af. However, I presume that you’re keeping it in your freezer as well, so remember to wait for a while before biting it hard if you don’t want to waste any teeth.

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You see, we bite it immediately as the ones sold in carts are usually softer, as the container those uncles have might not be able to withstand the heat of the merciless sun that well.

Next, for the taste: it’s what you would have expected.

Imagine a MAGNOLIA ice-cream cut into a rectangle, and then buying those soft wafers in supermarkets and then makaning them together: that’s how it tastes like.

In fact, you might not need any imagination. You can almost taste it in your mouth now, retrieved from your memories.

I don’t think MAGNOLIA is trying to sell it with taste, but more for the convenient (and memories): after all, when we buy from ice-cream uncles, we weren’t exactly looking for a michelin-starred dish, but to wash down the hot weather (and to chat with the uncle).

Worth the money?

Obviously if you buy MAGNOLIA ice-cream and wafer sheets separately, cut them precisely to the familiar shape and keep them in the freezer, it’ll be way cheaper.

But with that time spent, you could have done something productive and useful, like watching one of our YouTube videos or lepaking on your sofa.

I’ll say that it’s worth the memories, but not exactly the calories and the price.

But if you just want to show your kids how a simple thing like a block of ice-cream can make you happy, go ahead and grab one.

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