OMG: A Japan pasar malam is coming to S’pore. Here’re the reasons why you can’t miss it


If you are one who is hopelessly in love with the Japanese culture, then this is going to interest you. Super Japan Matsuri, a Japanese-themed food and fun fair is going to set foot in Singapore on 20th May, bringing you the best of Japanese street cuisine and games – something you definitely would not want to miss!

Best part? Admission is FREE so you won’t have to spend thousand of dollars getting on a plane to Japan, but experience the culture right here in Singapore at The Esplanade!

Matsuri is a traditional Japanese festival in Japan that see folks dressed in  Yukatas to as to please the Gods, as well as a plethora of booths that offer games and street foods that you will also find here at the Matsuri fair in Singapore!


The 3-day Japanese fair will see stalls like your favourite Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and even soft-serve ice cream and iced cold beer for you to beat the heat.

Traditional Matsuri games like the Katanuki (a street stall game where you get to mould shapes with candy), Yo-Yo Tsuri (where you get to fish for your favourite balloon!), Senbonbiki (you win if you pull the lucky string) and Shateki (where you get to shoot for your prizes) will also be there at Matsuri!

Even though admission is free, patrons will have to purchase coupons to participate in the game.


However, if you come dressed according to the nightly themes, you will be entitled to a free coupon. 20th May will be the Ladies Night/Students Special where you have to come dressed in your school uniforms, whereas 21st May would be Cosplay Night and 22nd May, the last day of the fair would be Family Night.

However, if you come dressed as in Yukatas on either of the 3 days, you will also stand to receive a free game coupon.

See you there!

The Super Japan Matsuri will be held from 20 to 22 May 2016 at Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay from 5pm to 10pm daily.

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