Ong Ye Kung & Lawrence Wong Did a Video to Tell Us What We Shouldn’t Do During CNY


The co-chairs of the Multi-Ministry Taskforce, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, did a video to tell us what we should and shouldn’t do this Chinese New Year.

In case you’ve come to associate their voices with bad news from the many press conferences the past year, here’s a summary of what they said.

Planning Your CNY Amidst The Omicron Wave

No more eye-powering each other, as the two ministers took turns sharing with us some tips for the new year.

Minister Ong started the video off by saying that we are in the middle of the Omicron wave, and cases are expected to rise sharply. Although Omicron is less serious than Delta, our vulnerable like the elderly can still develop severe illness if infected.

Minister Wong then started sharing some shoulds and should-nots to help prep us for our upcoming CNY visits, so that we can keep our family safe.

Follow All Safe Management Measures

Keep to groups of five people when doing visiting! Each household should only be hosting five people at any one time.

If you’re not feeling well, please do not go out, even with a negative Antigen Rapid Test (ART) result. Better to meet your family online rather than risk infecting them.


Take ART Before Visiting Vulnerable Groups

Planning to visit your grandparents? Or visiting someone with a serious illness like diabetes or cancer?

Test yourself first, and make sure you have a negative ART result before going to meet them. Alternatively, take no risks and meet them on Zoom instead.

Eat Goodies in Moderation

If you were expecting another COVID-19 related point… well, me too. But Minister Ong just wants to remind us to eat our CNY goodies in moderation.

Upon hearing the mention of CNY goodies, Minister Wong cracked a smile and said “Not very good”. Minister Ong proceeded to go into Health Minister mode, listing out how these goodies contain lots of sugar, salt, and fat.

But Minister Ong must be a fan of these goodies too (is anyone not a fan?), because he proceeded to say, “Don’t say don’t eat. Eat in moderation.”

So the next time your parents tell you to stop eating the goodies, you can say that the Health Minister himself said can eat!

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Wishes for a Safe and Meaningful CNY

If we all do our part and exercise personal responsibility, the Ministers are certain that we can have a safe and meaningful CNY!

They ended off the video by flexing their Mandarin skills, wishing us a happy new year and good health ahead.

The Finance Minister wished everyone to have the vigour and vitality of the tiger (虎虎生威), while the Health Minister hoped that we’ll be doubly strong this year (如虎添翼, which literally translates to ‘like a tiger with wings’.)

You can watch the full video here:

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