187 People Investigated After Police Raided KTV-Concept Outlets That Also Provided Hostessing Services


I thought everyone learnt their lesson from the many KTV COVID-19 clusters, but apparently not.

187 people are under investigation after the police busted KTV-concept outlets, amongst other public entertainment premises.

Two KTV-Concept Establishments Caught Operating Without Licence

The first outlet was busted on 18 December 2021, at an office and industrial building along Lorong 23 Geylang. There were private rooms equipped with karaoke systems, speakers, microphones, and alcohol.

Yes, that’s all the ingredients for a good time karaoke-ing, but also all the ingredients for a new cluster to happen.

Two men were found to be the operators of the premise and were arrested for operating a non-permitted enterprise. They were also arrested for supplying alcohol without a licence.

Two Vietnamese women were also allegedly providing hostessing services and were arrested for working without a valid work permit.

Another 35 men and 10 women, patrons of the establishment, will be investigated for breaking COVID-19 regulations.

Why Bird Paradise Suddenly Became Singapore’s Yishun:

A second outlet was discovered on New Year’s Eve, at a shophouse unit along Geylang Road. It similarly had private rooms full of karaoke systems, speakers, microphones and alcohol.

Two men and two women were identified as the operators and were arrested for licence-less supply of liquor, as well as COVID-19 offences.

The other 19 men and 17 women who were customers at the outlet will be investigated for gathering in groups of more than five.

Residential Unit Providing Public Entertainment

7 January led to the detection of the third unlicensed public entertainment outlet. It was found in a private residential unit along Beng Wan Road.


Ten people were found gathered for a dinner and sing-along session.

The unit’s owner was using his place to run a commercial food and beverage operation, together with the provision of public entertainment.

He employed staff to prepare a dining package and sold it together with the provision of karaoke equipment. We all respect the hustle, but that doesn’t discount the fact that he did this without the required licenses.

The owner will be investigated for operating a non-permitted enterprise. The other nine customers will be investigated for not complying with safe management measures.

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Total of 187 People Investigated

The police, in their islandwide checks between 12 December 2021 and 23 January 2022, inspected 103 public entertainment and nightlife outlets. They’re investigated 187 people in total, which includes operators, staff, and patrons.

16 premises were found to have breached regulations.

To suppress illegal activities, the police will continue to regularly do enforcement checks.

A maximum fine of $20,000 can be imposed if one is found guilty of supplying liquor or providing public entertainment without a valid licence.

Meanwhile, you can be fined up to $10,000 and/or jailed up to half a year for failing to comply with COVID-19 safe distancing regulations.

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Featured Image: Singapore Police Force