Glitch Caused 375 OCBC Customers to be Double-Charged on AXS Payments

Technology is surely our greatest companion these days, but that’s not to say it doesn’t fail us sometimes.

Last Thursday (24 Mar), customers who paid their bills using OCBC cards via the AXS mobile app m-Station and the Web-based AXS e-Station were charged twice.

AXS said there were 375 such cases and it was alerted to the issue when customers called in on Saturday (26 Mar).

The double payment of bills was caused by a glitch at OCBC Bank.

According to The Straits Times, OCBC’s head of cards business Vincent Tan said all duplicate transactions had been rectified by Monday.

The bank apologised for the inconvenience caused to affected customers.

Over $1,000 Payment

One customer, Ms Lee, said she made a bill payment of more than a thousand dollars on Thursday using the AXS mobile app.

Realising on Saturday that she had been charged double for that transaction, she called the bank and AXS that same day.

She followed up with another call to OCBC on Monday.

Not Triggered by AXS

An AXS spokesman said that AXS did not trigger the double deduction.

She said that AXS users are redirected to OCBC’s payment gateway page to enter their card details.

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“The user will actually complete the transaction on OCBC’s payment gateway and then OCBC will return to us whether the transaction is successful or not successful,” she added.

OCBC’s Mr Tan said the error happened because its vendor that processes AXS payments on the bank’s credit cards had a processing issue, resulting in duplicate transactions.

DBS Affected Previously

Last June, a similar incident resulted in DBS Bank customers being charged twice for transactions made on their debit and credit cards. Back then, it created quite a big hoo-ha because it was for any transactions and not just for one platform.

In case you are worried that this might be related to the phishing scams that occurred last December, it has been confirmed that the two events are unrelated. Phew.

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