5 Out of 7 Cubicles “Out of Order” at Female Toilet in Newly-Opened Napier MRT Station


Napier MRT Station, part of the newly constructed Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL3), is encountering problems with its public facilities.

In particular, its toilets were faulty, a common issue plaguing several other MRT stations.

Despite its recent opening in November 2022, which was just six months ago, the station is already facing issues. 

Multiple Faults Found in Newly Built Toilets

On 22 May 2023, a Shin Min Daily News reader alerted the newspaper to the toilet’s condition.

Image: Facebook (@Shin Min Daily News 新明日报)

While the washroom itself was spacious, the commuter expressed frustration that only two of the seven cubicles were operational, deeming the situation ridiculous.

Reports indicate that “out of order” signs were discovered on four cubicle doors in the female toilet at Napier MRT station.

Even the wheelchair-accessible toilet, although lacking an “out of order” sign, was locked, indicating it was out of service.

The exact reasons for the toilet being locked remain unknown.

Of the two remaining cubicles, one was a squatting toilet.

According to an MRT staff member, the toilets have been experiencing issues for a while. 

The problems started with only a few faulty toilets in April 2023, and the situation gradually deteriorated until only two cubicles were functional by May 2023.

Like the commuter, the staff member expressed surprise that the toilets were already defective as the MRT station had only recently opened.

Faulty Toilets May Not Affect Commuters That Much Due to Low Footfall in Station

On the men’s side, similar problems were observed. 

Mr Wang, a 48-year-old commuter, noted that the wheelchair-friendly one of the three cubicles in the men’s restroom at Napier MRT station had an “out of order” sign.

Furthermore, he noticed that one of the sinks was not in working condition.

In response to inquiries regarding the state of the toilets, the MRT staff member mentioned that repairs were reportedly planned.


While she acknowledged commuters’ frustrations regarding the malfunctioning toilets, she shared that these repairs would indicate that their concerns may soon be addressed.

She also highlighted that the station typically experiences low footfall, resulting in shorter toilet queues. 

Therefore, commuters should only face significant issues if the station becomes exceptionally crowded.

Issues with Public Facilities In Other MRT Stations Reported As Well

While the Napier MRT station may be able to escape scrutiny for its faulty toilets due to its low footfall, the same cannot be said for the Kranji MRT station.

As part of a three-month renovation project led by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and SMRT, over 30 MRT stations in Singapore, including Kranji MRT station, had their toilets closed for refurbishment.


The closure of toilets at Kranji MRT station resulted in numerous complaints, with some passengers resorting to urinating outside the station on the lawn or using plastic bags to address their bladder needs.

The situation worsened when subpar mobile toilets were installed at the station on 22 April 2023. 

People complained about the lack of functioning flushing systems and sinks and the accumulation of toilet paper in the mobile cubicles, leading to a foul urine smell.