You Can Get Paid for $4K a Month Just By Travelling & Creating Contents for 6 Months


Travelling usually sucks the hell out of your savings.

But not for future “Social Media Nomads” at Deel.

HR Solutions Company Deel is looking for a content creator or “Social Media Nomad” to join their team and their pay for the job scope is insane.

Those who get selected will be paid NZD$5,000 (S$4,000) a month to travel around New Zealand and Australia.

Say less Papi, time to quit my job and live my dream. 

But this isn’t your typical holiday.

The job scope requires the content creator to travel around in a fully furnished van for six months. They will need to host get-togethers with other remote workers and create content about their travels and remote work experience.

Job applicants are also required to have three years of experience as content creators or brand ambassadors, and are able to speak and write in English.

They will mostly be travelling around New Zealand and Australia.

May the odds be ever in your favour as only one applicant will be selected for the position.

But if you do get in, you’re about to gain some good perks.

On top of your S$4,000 salary, all other expenses will also be paid for.

WiFi, meals, housing, parking and more are all covered so you can have fun with no worries.

Applications Are Still Open

Applications will close on Tuesday, 2359 on 11 October 2022.

Do note that applicants are required to have a driving license as well.

Common sense ah. If you don’t know how to drive then how are you going to travel in your van? 


Also, you have to kiss goodbye to your pet cat, fish, dog, chinchilla, or whatever, as the job is only accepting one special human and no other companions.

So, what’s this company that’s creating a dream job?

Well, it’s a company about jobs.

HR Solutions Company Deels

Deel was founded in 2019 and provides hiring and payments services for companies hiring international employees and contractors.

So if you’re looking for foreign talents but are confused about the process, Deel has got you covered.


And they aren’t a small company either.

They’ve worked with some well-known companies including Nike, Dropbox, and Reddit.

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Featured Image: Deels