Everything About AR Klee, the New TikTok Filter That’s Trending


You danced with Uncle Raymond outside an MRT station?

Pfft, that’s old news.

TikTok changes their trends as if they’re just clothes, and this time it’s the augmented reality (AR) Klee filter’s turn to take the spotlight.

Everything about the AR Klee filter

Image: TikTok (@sj.oe and @carousell)

If you don’t play Genshin Impact, you probably just thought that this tiny dancing character was you know, just some other character spawned by TikTok.

TikTok really is a strange place where anything and everything can find its place as a trend there. We don’t blame you for thinking that this character was just another one of TikTok’s strange spawns.

A brief introduction: this peculiar character is actually Klee, a pyro character from Genshin Impact.

The AR filter, also called “AR Klee”, has been used in clips on the platform more than 257,000 times, with videos garnering millions of views simply by showing the character doing her little shuffle.

Videos using the filter usually make quips at how strange it is to have a tiny dancing girl dancing in different scenarios, for instance a video showing Klee dancing on a car’s dashboard.

The filter is usually paired with a specific sound where a high-pitched voice sings to a remix of the electronic song, “Astronomia” by Vicetone and Tony Igy.

Be warned however, that the singing isn’t exactly easy on the ear.

This shuffle done by the “Genshin terrorist” likely finds its roots in the “funeral dance”, another trend plastered all over social media a while back.

The “funeral dance” featured multiple men carrying a coffin and dancing while doing so, with videos and edits being paired with the electronic song “Astronomia” as well.The AR Klee trend has blown up so much that everyone is using the filter now.

The Holy Trinity of ypmatrep and xmm aside, when I say that everyone is using the filter, it really is everyone, corporations included.

Hotels like Four Points by Sheraton are using the filter.

Even Singaporeans’ go-to app to buy and sell everything under the sun took a jab at Carousell users with the filter.

Ah, if it isn’t the struggles of Carousell meetups—truly Singapore’s very own First World problem.


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Nasty Cookie, the gourmet cookie store with the distinct turquoise storefront at Funan, has jumped in on the trend too.

The marketing team in charge of all these TikTok accounts really deserve a raise.

The possibilities for the use of this filter are endless.

With how much this filter is currently trending, if you use it well enough, you’ll probably have the chance to get on the FYP.

If your dream is to be TikTok famous, don’t say Goody Feed never tell you how hor.


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Featured Image: TikTok (@sj.oe and @carousell)