Panasonic is Now Offering 4-Day Workweek for Their Employees

There’s nothing that Singaporeans enjoy more than holidays.

So that might be a good sign for us, as 4-day work weeks become the talk of the town even in places such as parliaments across the world. Boasting higher productivity and greater work-life balance, there’s no secret as to why it’s been considered in workplaces.

And although Singapore has yet to implement a 4-day work week, it’s still something that might happen in the future, right?

In fact, while we dream of the future, it’s already a reality for some.

Panasonic’s 4-Day Work Week

Recently, in an investor briefing regarding Panasonic’s Sustainability Management, Panasonic’s CEO Yuki Kusumi mentioned how they are introducing an optional 4-day work week, allowing employees the flexibility to participate in other activities, such as taking up side jobs, self-improvement activities, and volunteer work.

Reader: But if you give me a 4-day work week, I’ll probably spend it all in bed instea-

(Well, that’s not the point.)

So, When Are We Getting It?

Clearly, a 4-day work week brings about great benefits for employers and employees alike.

Reader: Then why hasn’t Singapore implemented it yet?

It may be hard to believe, but there’s one very prevalent reason why, and it’s explained in our video below. (Hint: it’s two words.)

Well, isn’t that fun? Cultural norms.

Despite the fact that Singapore has managed to stay on top of its game in terms of productivity, cultural norms still inevitably play a part in the way we function as a society. Sometimes, it’s good to have such a rigid structure so that things all fall into place. But other times we might want to take another look at how we’ve been doing things in the past so as to improve for the future.

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The Future of Four-Day Work Weeks

However, unlike what the video mentioned, the ideal future may not be so far away from us after all.

There are other companies around the globe that offer 4-day work weeks such as Amazon, and even others that are offering 3-day work weeks as the labour market becomes increasingly competitive.

And although the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted our way of life, it has also shown us how flexible office hours can be, and how we still can move forward even beyond the traditional office setting.

So, does that mean that we’ll see 4-day work weeks in Singapore anytime soon?

Maybe. As the issue continues to be discussed, all we can do is hope for the best.

But in the meantime, don’t forget to set your alarm for tomorrow morning and wash your hands after you use the washroom, even if no one’s looking. Especially if you’re in the office.

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