Part Of Jurong Lake District To Be Turned Into A Shopping & Entertainment District For Tourists

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Unless you stay at Jurong, you probably hardly visit the district.

But what if I told you that in around 10 years, you would?

Jurong Lake District is about to become the second Raffles Place (CBD) in Singapore, the third Botanic Gardens and the next big tourist attraction.

So in the future — 10 years down the road — you’ll probably have migrated there to live and work and see tourists outside your window.

Source: Tenor

That’s a lot of things for a single district to be.

What’s The What?

What is set up for this district? For starters, there will be offices and residents as usual — but the difference is that it’ll be alive 24/7. That means more shops, hotels and tourist attractions.

Think flora and fauna surrounding the buildings, and entertainment just across the road. There will be more greenery than ever, and you can always take a stroll in the park if you’re lonely.

Source: Tenor

If you’re into retail therapy, they probably have that across the road too. With hotels are located in the district, you can be undoubtedly sure that there will be mouth-watering and expensive food nearby for lunch. Just make sure not to drool.

Source: Tenor

Still can’t wrap your head around the idea of Jurong Lake District encompassing all this goodness?

Let me tell you why it’ll be so appealing despite its extremely ulu location.

The SG-KL HSR That’s On Pause Mode

The only reason you need is that the district is home to the Singapore terminus of our upcoming Kuala Lumpur-SingapHigh-Speedpeed Rail. Just take a look at Toyko’s high speed trains — Photoshop it into Singapore’s landscape, and tell me that it wouldn’t appeal to tourists and locals alike.

Source: Seat 61

This single rail is the backbone of the government’s plan for the district. It isn’t hard to see the appeal of being able to experience Singapore’s landscape for half a day and proceed to Malaysia in the other half for a short trip.

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If you live your life on Aliexpress (who doesn’t?), then you’d probably love the entertainment that Alibaba will roll out in the district as well.

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A Sci-Fi World

Almost everything — from hotels to shops to attractions — will be powered digitally. Basically, Jurong Lake District comes straight out of a sci-fi fantasy novel.

In terms of novelty, we can probably expect the district to offer a different kind of experience. Even though it is merely in the first stages of development, the government has made it explicit that one factor in the application of interest is creativity.

Source: Giphy

If all goes well, perhaps Jurong Lake District will be the next big thing in Singapore. That being said, it will definitely take a while for it to fully develop; set to become reality in 2040 or after, it is a platform for the next generation to thrive.

Problem is, would we see this first, or would aliens visit Yishun first?