Exploring Pasar Malam: Rediscovering Singapore’s Night Market Charm


Before the rise of online shopping and its dominance over our wallets, pasar malams were the go-to destinations for affordable and quality products.

However, in recent times, these vibrant night markets have lost some of their allure to the general public. People no longer reach into their wallets with the same enthusiasm, and even the once irresistible food seems to have lost its charm.

Despite this mellow response, there is an unmistakable nostalgic quality to walking through a pasar malam. So, let’s delve into 10 facts of these markets that might rekindle some excitement for you.

Pasar Malams: Not Exclusive to Singapore and Malaysia

During our youth, many of us believed that pasar malams were a uniquely Singaporean phenomenon.

However, upon visiting Malaysia, we discovered that they exist there too, shattering our illusion.

To further challenge our perceptions, we have now learned that Indonesia, Taiwan, and even The Netherlands boast their own versions of these vibrant markets, although they are not referred to as “pasar malams” but rather as street markets.

Singapore’s First Pasar Malam: Attracting British Military Base Workers

Established in the mid-1950s, Singapore’s inaugural night market was situated near the British military bases.

Local hawkers organized it on a weekly basis, perfectly timed to coincide with the workers’ payday.

Pasar Malam Ban in the 1970s

Due to health and pollution concerns stemming from the unhygienic environment, pasar malams were banned in Singapore during the 1970s.

Stall owners were compelled to relocate to new and cleaner structures, which we now recognize as hawker centers.

However, in the 1980s, these night markets made a comeback under stringent regulations and licensing from the authorities.

The Replica Ramly Burger

Did you know that the Ramly Burger sold in Singapore is a replica? Owing to strict regulations on beef sourcing in Singapore, the local version of the Ramly Burger utilizes locally sourced beef patties instead of the authentic Indian ones.

The Cost of Food Stall Rentals at Popular Pasar Malams

Prepare to be shocked! Renting a 3m by 3m food stall at a popular pasar malam in Singapore can cost a staggering S$24,000 per month. This exorbitant rental fee may help explain the increasingly high prices of goods at pasar malams.

Decreasing Availability of Pasar Malam Spaces in Singapore

The scarcity of available spaces for pasar malams in Singapore is partially responsible for the exorbitant rental costs.

As large open areas in Singapore are being allocated for housing developments, organizers are facing a diminishing pool of viable locations for these markets.

The Vision of a “Pasar Malam Theme Park”

In 2016, the Trade Fair Merchants’ Association unveiled an ambitious plan to establish a “pasar malam theme park.”


This initiative aims to address the issues of limited space and soaring rental prices.

The association’s leaders hoped that the authorities will lend their support to turn this idea into reality.

Self-Funded “Theme Park” by Pasar Malam Operators and Stall Owners

Unlike many other ventures, the Trade Fair Merchants’ Association does not expect government funding for their proposed theme park.

Committed to the cause, the association’s 150 members plan to raise $5 million independently to finance the project, pending approval from the authorities.

Unfortunately, there has been no update on the theme park since then.


The Decline of Pirated CDs and DVDs

In the past, one of the main attractions of pasar malams was the availability of cheap pirated CDs and DVDs.

However, due to stricter enforcement of intellectual property laws, such items are now rarely found. Additionally, with the rise of digital media, fewer people possess CD or DVD players at home.

Uncle Ringo’s Collaboration with Local Pasar Malam Organizers

The inclusion of Uncle Ringo, a popular carnival operator, is always a crowd-pleaser for pasar malam organizers.

Collaborations with Uncle Ringo inject nostalgia into these temporary carnivals, evoking fond memories for adults.

While some children today may prefer the cleanliness and modernity of Universal Studios Singapore, the carnival atmosphere still offers plenty of excitement, whether it be riding the merry-go-round or braving the Viking ship.

So, there you have it—an exploration of the pasar malam experience.


Despite the evolving landscape of retail and entertainment, these night markets continue to hold a special place in our hearts, providing a glimpse into Singapore’s cultural heritage and a chance to relive cherished memories.