Pasar Malam Finally Returning, This Time at Punggol Interchange, With the Usual Pasar Malam Food


If there’s something that all foodies across the country have been missing since the COVID-19 pandemic started, it’s pasar malam food.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started rearing its ugly head, Singaporeans haven’t been able to stroll leisurely around the various pasar malam stalls while stuffing ourselves like there’s no tomorrow.

And if you’re wondering when’s the next time you’ll get to have your favourite sweet potato balls and sweet drinks, you’ll get to do so very soon.

In fact, if you live near Punggol, you’ll get to dive right into your favourite pasar malam snacks and drinks later this month.

Just yesterday, TLK Events and Lighting took to Facebook to announce that it will be holding a pasar malam at Punggol MRT and Bus Interchange from 17 April to 2 May this year.

With the organisers stating that attendees can “expect the usual foods such as ramly burgers, thai milk tea and more”, there’s every reason to get your wallets (and stomachs) ready for the upcoming pasar malam!

Previously, the pasar malams that TLK Events and Lighting has organised include both F&B and retail stores, as well as sit-down dining areas, so that’s something that you can look forward to seeing in their upcoming pasar malam as well.

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From their Facebook post, it also seems like there are still stalls available for booking, which suggests that there will still be some changes to the current lineup of stalls for the upcoming pasar malam.

Either way, it seems like Singaporeans are just glad to have such a beloved part of the country’s nightlife and culture back after the pandemic.

Within less than 24 hours of posting the announcement on Facebook, the Facebook post by TLK Events and Lighting garnered over 820 shares, an evident sign that many people are excited to finally attend a pasar malam again after so long.

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Featured Image: Facebook (TLK Events and Lighting)