A Person in the US is Selling Life-Size Wax Statues of Lee Kuan Yew for Over SGD$21K a Piece


You might have seen wax statues of celebrities like Jacky Chan and Angelina Jolie, but have you seen one of…

Our late Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew?

Well, if you haven’t, you’re about to.

Singaporean Bryan Cheong, who is based in San Fransisco, brought this peculiar eBay listing to the public eye.

No, they didn’t mummify LKY.

According to the tweet, there’s someone selling life-size wax figures of the late Mr Lee on e-commerce platform eBay, and there are only ten figures available.

If you’re thinking of getting one (for whatever reason), you might stop in your tracks after you hear the price tag. The figures are being sold for US$15,900 each (approximately S$21,580), which is…a hefty price to pay, even if it means literally having a statue of LKY in your house.

However, here’s another thing about the listing. It seems like the seller of the figures is based in Delano, Minnesota, all the way in the United States, and it is unclear as to whether or not the item can be shipped to Singapore.

Which then begs the question: So who’s going to buy it?

But if you’re still interested in checking the listing out, here it is.

Apart from Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the store also carries similar wax figurines of other well-known figures such as Katy Perry, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Will Smith.

The store, which goes by the username “zingaworldwidellc” on eBay, also carries other products such as crypto miners, vending machines, LED billboards, wind, turbines and medical laser machines. An odd shop indeed.

Netizens’ Reactions

Of course, netizens were left rather amused by the bizarre listing.

Some started tagging their friends in the comments section, asking humorously if they could buy one as a decoration item.

Others also joked about how the statues could become the next hit Non-Fungible Token (NFT).


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But maybe this Twitter user had the best idea of all.

I mean, you don’t get to have dinner with Mr Lee Kuan Yew every day… Or do you? Well, maybe you will if you buy this statue.

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Featured Image: eBay (@zingaworldwidellc)