Pay To Get Insulted & Scolded While You Eat At This Cafe in Woodlands

Japan is home to a slew of interesting cafes, from the character-themed cafes such as Pokemon and Hello Kitty to the bizarre ones, including the maid cafes.

The maid cafes are popular in Akihabara, Tokyo (I personally find it subservient), where you will be served by pretty and obedient lasses and there is another type of café that is the exact opposite which is also popular among Japanese nerds or someone who is a masochist.

Tsundere café

Tsundere is a Japanese term for a character development of someone who is hostile at first but as time goes, they will show their kinder side.

So in Tsundere cafes, expect to be disrespected and ignored—basically a stomp-worthy service.

If you’re good at something, one shouldn’t do it for free, I suppose.

With that said, the “maids” will start being clingy when you are fed up with the service which is an ego boost to most men—a pretty lady who is begging for you to stay.

So if you’re into this and choose not to seek professional help, then you’re in luck!

You don’t have to travel all the way to Japan to be humiliated by pretty meidos!

Tsundere event in the MerLion City

There will be a pop-up tsundere café in the north of Singapore, Woodlands on 24 Feb, from 11 A.M. to 6 P.M. and you will be mistreated by meidos and butlers!

Posted by SubaToki Cafe on Monday, 15 January 2018

And for those who are clueless on what to expect, here are a few pointers:


Like I mentioned, be prepared to be ignored, like in a crowded restaurant but this time you know they are doing it in purpose.


No photos are allowed but if you want to have a memento to remind yourself of this humiliating experience, they offer photography services.


Yeah, if you’re into the passive-aggressive bullshit, this event is right up your alley!


Yeah, they will serve you the way they like it—rudely.

Here is the masochistic part: you cannot retaliate, it is pretty much the same as getting chained to the bed and getting whipped.


Okay, maybe not.

But if you feel uncomfortable, you can let the management know and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Are you foaming at the mouth already?

Well, don’t pass out just yet!

Click here for more details on the event!

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