There’s Now A Smartphone Attachment That Trims Your Nose Hair. Yes, Nose Hair.


The Land of the Rising Sun has given us so many things—Pokemon, transparent teas and not to forget their ingenious creation of the odourless KFC Chicken.

I mean, at this point, I am not even shook with this new creation:


Featured on Thanko, a Japanese shopping site of sorts, this cringe-worthy contraption (at least to me) is a smartphone nose-hair cutter.

Yes, leaving it to the people of Nippon to create something like this.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

As translated by SoraNews 24: “This item is a small nose-hair cutter you can use by just plugging it into your iPhone/Android. No charging or batteries necessary, quick cleanup and quick use. Perfect for when you… suddenly notice a hose hair sticking out. Cleaning brush also included, so you can always keep it sanitary.”

Weighing at only 21 grams, this compact tool can be easily carried wherever you go—a perfect solution, especially if your nose hair grows at the speed of light.

But you know what’s funnier than the said trimmer?

Someone using it!

Lo and behold, pictures of it in action!

Let me be the narrator for this slideshow.

Oh no, what is that I see! Not on my watch, time to trim those b******s!


Lucky for me, I have this uber-cool electric nose trimmer! Let me plug it into my smartphone!


Goodbye ****ers!


The sun might be beaming on my face, but in the end, it all doesn’t even matter….


Sorry for the last bit, I let my cynical side pop up for a bit.


But hey, if you’re impressed, you can purchase it here for 1,480 yen which is about S$18.

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