People Allegedly Queued Overnight to be the First One to Have Gong Cha. Seriously.


The hype for Gong Cha is real.

I never would’ve imagined myself saying this though, considering how common Gong Cha was just a year ago.

However, everything changed when LiHO appeared.


Only Gong Cha could stop the advancing LiHO forces.


(Well, for about 6 months, that is.)

All right, enough meme-ing around.

Gong Cha is making a come back, and they’ve made sure that all Singaporeans will know about the news!


I mean, even my colleague wrote an article about Gong Cha just now.

Personally, I’ve always preferred Gong Cha over LiHo. Once Gong Cha left the Singapore market, I pretty much switched to other Bubble Tea brands.

Maybe it’s the taste and selection of LiHO’s drinks. Nothing really caught my attention TBH.

Anyway, as much as I like Gong Cha, I would never do what these people did.

Posted by Gong Cha Singapore on Thursday, 30 November 2017

According to the Facebook post by Gong Cha, they’ve been in queue since 5 pm the day before!

Perhaps they were all there in an attempt to become the first customer? After all, the first customer gets to walk away with 99 free drinks!


Meet Daryl (left), the JC student who walked away with 99 cups of Gong Cha!

That’s what being a hardcore fan is about!


No, Daryl didn’t get all 99 cups at one go (What were you thinking). He was given vouchers for 99 cups of Gong Cha!

Daryl was also invited to be part of the opening ceremony as he was the first in line!


Good job, young man!

If you’re not the first to arrive, fret not, as you might still be rewarded for your hard work!

Image: Gong Cha Singapore Facebook

Besides the good ol’ classics, Gong Cha has also launched a series of new drinks.

Image: Gong Cha Singapore Facebook
Image: Gong Cha Singapore Facebook

Amongst the new drinks, I’ve got my sights set on the Purple Sweet Potato Milk Tea.

As for the rest of you who would like to have a taste of Gong Cha’s new drinks, I may have some bad news for you.


Are you prepared to brave the crowd just to get a taste of Gong Cha?

However, since I am a lazy person who hates queuing up, I don’t think I’ll be able to taste the drink any time soon.

Do let me know if the drinks are worth the wait!

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