A Person Just Turned Blind in 1 Eye after Playing Mobile Game for…Hours

Millennials have always been warned by parents when they are too near the TV screen or computer; even schools during the late 90s had talks on eye exercises to rest the eye.

Personally, when I was a kid I have always wanted to get a pair of specs. It looks cool and it also makes you look extra smart. So I would purposefully sit near the TV for hours, in hopes that I would require specs.

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Unfortunately, at the age of 26, I still have perfect vision.

But I guess not everyone is as lucky as me.

21-year old Xiao Wu from Dongguang, China lost her vision in her right eye after playing a game on her smartphone for the whole day.

According to a Chinese media site, she was playing an online game called King of Glory in her house and has invited her colleague as well.

She was engrossed in the game and would spend seven to eight hours, according to her friends.

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She would also skip sleep so she could continue to play.

The incident happened on 1 October. After dinner, she resumed her gaming and that is when she started to feel that something was not right in her right eye.

She did not sleep due to the discomfort and was rushed to the hospital— Donggiang Huaxia Eye Hospital.

Image: news.yzz.cn

To her dismay, she was diagnosed with retinal artery occlusion on her right eye.

It is a painless loss of monocular vision, where one of the small arteries that carry blood to the retina (a layer of tissue in the back of the eye that senses light) is blocked.

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Typically she would wake up at 6:00 a.m. and start gaming after breakfast until 4:00 p.m., and then continue to game after a short nap which will extend till the wee hours of the night.

It does sound extreme, but nevertheless, we should always be careful when it comes to the health of our eyes.

I had experienced something similar a few months back.

One of my eyelashes got into my right eye (isn’t it eye-ronic when an eyelash’s main purpose is to protect your eye but it ends up harming it), and I forcefully took it out.

Then I experienced blurred vision, so I decided to sleep it off. The condition got worse the next day. My right eye vision was very blurred and I started panicking.

I went to the doctor and got it checked, and she said it will heal within a few days. It did heal, but it took about four weeks to get back my perfect vision.

And it really made me appreciate my perfect sight.

Sorry for that minor segue, but you get the idea: never take anything for granted.

Anyways, here is a list of things you can do to rest your precious eyes.

• Blink regularly to prevent your eyes from drying out.
• Take frequent breaks by looking at a distant object for 30 seconds after looking at the computer screen for 20 minutes.
• Use lubricant eye drops (or artificial tears) to moisten your eyes and relieve dryness.
• Wear spectacles with the correct prescription for using the computer, where necessary. If you have myopia and/or presbyopia, consult an optometrist or an optician for spectacles that suit your needs.
• Install an anti-glare screen on the monitor.

And last but not least? Don’t game so much. I might have got my eyesight back, but it’s unclear whether Xiao Wu would be able to see with that eye again.

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