Pet Dog Dies After Eating ‘Poisoned’ Bread Meant to Kill Pigeons


In case you’re wondering, I’m one of those people who can’t bear to see animals suffer.

Despite the occasional sarcastic and judgmental undertones in my articles, I am in fact, a sensitive soul.


(I’m a sensitive soul, though I seem thick-skinned)

So, when I read about this particular article, it made me sad.

Really sad.

On 16 Nov, a piece of bread spiked with tranquilizer (intended for pigeon culling) may have killed an Sheltie-Cavalier dog.


That’s just a really sad way to go.

The owner, Ms. Natasha Wilkins, said that the incident happened when she was walking her dog along Jalan Lew Lian at about 6.30 a.m.

Her dog, Ludo, consumed the bread before she could stop it from doing so. It didn’t take 15 minutes before Ludo started retching and foaming at the mouth.


The Vet who saw Ludo, Dawn Ong, suspected that the white viscous liquid found in Ludo’s mouth was due to some type of toxin.

After contacting the Marine Parade Town Council, Ms. Wilkins found out that a pest buster had used spiked bread to cull the pigeons in the same area she was walking her dog, just the day before.


Using bread spiked with tranquilizer to capture pigeons was in line with Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore’s (AVA) guidelines. However, any leftover bread had to be removed afterwards.


Ms. Wilkins claimed that she is unaware of the culling exercise, and she did not see the notice put up by the Marine Parade Town Council.

An AVA spokesperson later said that property management staff, including town councils, should be present to supervise the pigeon culling process by the pest control personnel.

Ms. Wilkins then said,

“Birds fly, and the things they put in their mouth could drop even if they picked it up from somewhere else.”


That’s precisely it. Once a pigeon flies away, there is no way for you to track it. It’s pointless even if you station 10 personnel to watch the birds.

The best they can do, is perhaps to ensure that no bread crumbs are left at the original site.

Considering a similar case happened in 2013 where a dog died after eating a piece of bread meant for culling the pigeons, I suppose it’s safe for us to say that the bread is most likely the culprit.

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